• How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Kids

    The holiday season is upon us, and a big part of the joy of Christmas is choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your list. When you’re shopping for your kids, though, this can be a difficult task. How do you find the right gifts for your children without just adding to the clutter in their rooms? We’ve got some tips to help you with your holiday shopping this year.

    • First, consider the children as individuals. Think about their ages and stages of development, as well as their interests. What do they enjoy doing? What topics really spark their interests? Taking some time to really think about what lights up each child’s face can help you find the perfect gifts.
    • Set some limits for yourself. Kids don’t need every toy that hits the market, and they don’t even need every single item in a line of toys they love. In fact, too many toys on Christmas morning can be overwhelming for a child and decrease the enjoyment of the holiday. There’s a rhyme that’s sometimes used to help children make their wish lists, and it goes, “Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read.” This isn’t a bad guideline for parents to use while they’re choosing toys. Simplicity should be the goal and setting a budget and other constraints will help you achieve it.
    • Think about a toy’s educational value. This doesn’t mean that every toy has to teach numbers or the alphabet. Toys that spark the imagination are wonderful for helping kids learn. Consider the fact that kids learn the most through playing and you’ll see why it’s so important to keep the learning potential of the toy in mind. Some types of toys that can be educational include:
      • Building toys
      • Play kitchens
      • Art supplies
      • Dolls
      • Cars and trucks
      • Puzzles
      • Musical toys
      • Board games
      • Books
    • Choose toys with staying power. The trendiest toys are often the ones that get the least play once the initial excitement has passed. On the other hand, classic toys like blocks, board games, and puzzles can get years of use and encourage cooperative play. While you’re thinking about toys with long lifespans, consider the quality of the toys you’re seeing. Choose sturdy, well-made, high-quality toys, checking for safety issues like pieces that can come off and cause a choking hazard. Stop before you buy something cheap and plastic to consider that, while you can buy several inexpensive items that are cheaply made, spending that money on fewer things of lasting quality is a better use of funds and will provide more enjoyment for the children.

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  • How to Pick the Right Stroller

    If you’re an active parent, you’ll push your child’s stroller around for miles. You might fold and store it hundreds of times. And it’s your child’s special little place for all that time, so you want to get the right kind. While strollers have gotten better over the years, they’ve also become more complicated and diverse, giving parents a lot of options to consider. Here’s some useful information to help you pick the perfect stroller (or two) for you and your child.


    An important factor of course is how many small children you have. Many double strollers are available, in side-by-side or tandem configurations. Clearly these are bulkier than single strollers but a lot more manageable than two single strollers! Side-by-side is wider, and harder to get through doors or along busy sidewalks, but they tend to give you better access to your children. Some tandem strollers have a customizable feature that allows you to add or remove the second seat, so you might not need another stroller, ever. And some models allow the rear seat to face you, giving you better access to whichever child needs your attention the most.


    Jogger strollers are durable and maneuverable, with suspension to absorb shocks, and three large wheels. For extra safety, it’s important that they have a hand brake, a five-point harness and a wrist strap. The large wheels and sturdy frame make these strollers bulkier and harder to fit into smaller cars.


    These strollers are named for their low weight and how well they fold for storage. This convenience comes at a cost, as they aren’t as durable or sturdy as other kinds of strollers. Since they tend to be inexpensive, it’s good to keep one around as a backup.


    These are designed especially to carry your car seat, and can come with it. They often are missing some of the extra features of other strollers.


    Here are a few important features your new stroller should have::

    • Rain cover
    • Cup holders
    • Large underbasket for storage
    • Easy folding capability
    • Adjustable seat angle – to help your child sleep or stay awake

    And a few nice extras you may want to pay extra for:

    • Adjustable handlebars – in case you and your partner are of different heights
    • Handlebar braking. Some brakes have to be manually engaged at each wheel.
    • Travel bag
    • Bunting for cold weather
    • Compatibility with your car seat
    • One-handed folding
    • Easily removable and washable fabric – accidents will happen


    • Test drive if possible. See how easy you find it to operate the stroller. Try some tight turns and stops.
    • Ask friends and family for recommendations. Many reviews on Amazon are fake.
    • Check the weight capacity. How long will this stroller work for your child?

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  • How to Plan a Baby Shower as We Continue to Navigate Through the COVID 19 Pandemic

    Baby showers are a lot of fun, but planning one during COVID can be stressful. Here are a few ideas that could make the process easier for you.

    Hold Separate Events

    If you’re concerned about possible infections, maybe it’s not the best idea to have all your baby shower guests in one place at one time. You could have a separate baby shower for work friends. If you have a lot of family in another state, consider having one shower there and one where you live.

    Take It Outside

    Outdoor events are much safer than indoor events in terms of infection. If you’re worried about rain, reserve a covered area at a park, or rent a large tent.

    Space and Ventilation

    The COVID infection risk of an indoor event depends partly on how packed-together everybody is. With a larger venue, guests can spread out. Also, check ahead to see if the venue is well-ventilated, preferably with a HEPA filter or other advanced air purifier. Some indoor venues create a cross-breeze by leaving some doors or windows open, and running fans, which reduces risk.

    Spread Out The Refreshments

    At many get-togethers, there’s a time where everyone crowds together to get a meal or cake. Avoid this by 1) having snacks instead of a meal, and 2) spreading the foods and drinks out as much as possible so people don’t have to get too close. This will likely require more tables.

    Require Masks, Vaccination and/or a Negative Test

    One positive recent development is the wide availability of the COVID vaccine, which is free to everyone. If a guest can’t or won’t provide proof of vaccination they can provide proof of a recent negative COVID test. This has the potential to be a bit awkward or even contentious, but as host, it’s your responsibility to keep your guests safe and avoid causing an outbreak. As per masks, make sure to have some available at your party in case anyone forgets theirs. If there’s a gender reveal, you can ask guests to come with either pink or blue masks, indicating their guess.

    Have a Drive-by Shower

    A newer custom that’s sprung up during the pandemic is the drive-by event, in which the hosts are outdoors, perhaps on a front yard, and guests drive by in a kind of parade or caravan. If you want any time to socialize with the guests without tying up traffic, you need to make an effort to space the guests out, perhaps by giving everyone a limited timeframe in which to drive by.

    Just Zoom It

    These days it’s easier than ever to be there without going there, via apps like Zoom. People did get burned out on teleconferencing when school and work was remote every day, but those days are over for most of us, and we’re glad to have those apps and to know how to use them.

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  • Thanksgiving Foods Your Kids Will Enjoy

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with loved ones and enjoy foods that have been part of family tradition for years. But if your kids are a little bit picky about unfamiliar food, this event can put some stress on your plate. Avoid anxiety with some Thanksgiving-appropriate dishes that your kids will enjoy.


    Fortunately, there’s such a variety of foods from Thanksgiving traditions across the country that finding some that your kids will enjoy shouldn’t be too hard.

    • Turkey – If it’s nice and juicy, most kids will enjoy some turkey. If it’s a little on the dry side, add gravy or cranberry sauce. Most kids prefer white meat over dark but don’t assume. Let them try both.
    • Cornish hens – These are like serving a little bitty turkey just for your kid, which can be fun. It also can be expensive and time-consuming if everyone now wants their own Cornish hen. Younger kids will need a little help cutting this one, but older kids should enjoy it. (And it will keep them occupied.)
    • Mashed potatoes with gravy – Kids love this stuff.
    • Cranberry sauce – This can be a bit tart for some kids, but it’s also sweet and colorful. Let them choose from a couple different kinds. Canned sauce is fine, and available with whole berries and without.
    • Rolls with butter – Easy peasy.
    • Green beans – Some kids always want to avoid the greens, but green beans with butter, cooked to be not too hard or soft, tends to go over well. Preparing green beans has been a fairly well-known way to have the kids help with dinner. Tell them to snap the “heads” and “tails” off and throw the pieces into separate containers.


    If traditional Thanksgiving foods don’t appeal to your child, consider some alternatives.

    • Turkey nuggets – If your kids love chicken nuggets, they should gobble up turkey nuggets too. Here’s a recipe with a cornflake crust.
    • Cream cheese mashed potatoes – Add cream cheese and half-and-half to make your mashed potatoes extra smooth and velvety.
    • Macaroni & Cheese – Not exactly traditional holiday fare, but a reliable side. Make it special with a bread crumb topping and some black pepper.


    If your kids aren’t stuffed yet, they’ll probably not need to be talked into dessert, although some kids aren’t too keen on fruit cake, pecan pie or minced meat pie. Here are a few they’re likely to enjoy:

    • Pumpkin pie – The taste of fall, pumpkin pie appeals to all. Sweet and creamy, with that special blend of cinnamon, ginger and cloves. (Don’t tell the kids it’s rich in fiber and vitamin A.)
    • Sweet potato pie – Usually like pumpkin but a bit heartier. If you’re already serving a sweet potato dish this one may seem a bit redundant, but it is tasty.
    • Cookies – Kids love cookies, including seasonal favorites like ginger snaps. Maple sugar cookies should go over well, too.

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  • How To Pick The Right Crib

    If you’re preparing a room for a new baby, one of your biggest decisions is going to be what crib to purchase. There’s a wide variety of styles and features. Here’s a guide to picking the right crib for your baby and your home, focusing on the different kinds of crib available.

    Standard Size Crib – These full-size cribs provide a lot of room for your baby to grow into. They’re good when you have a fairly large area designated for your baby. It should have multiple mattress settings so that you can lower the mattress height as your baby grows and pulls up to a standing position.

    Convertible Cribs – These cribs have gained a lot in popularity in recent years because they grow with your child. They can be converted into day beds, toddler beds, and even full-size beds.

    Multi-Functional/Multi-Purpose Cribs – These cribs usually come with an attachable dresser that has a changing table top that can be used as a nightstand later. They may have drawers, open shelves or a combination of the two. Many of these are also convertible cribs.

    Round Cribs – Oval or round cribs have a soft, old-fashioned, fairy tale look in contrast to rectangular cribs. Due to their unusual shape, bedding that fits properly can be harder to find.

    Bassinets, Cradles and Bedside Sleepers – These are all smaller, more portable and lighter-weight options that work well for your baby’s first four to five months. They can generally be used until the baby starts to roll over and push up on her hands and knees. Cradles provide gentle rocking movements, and bedside sleepers can be kept right next to your bed allowing mom to nurse without getting out of bed. They’re less expensive than full-size or convertible cribs.

    Playards – Playards are light and portable play and sleep options that usually have an aluminium frame and mesh sides. Many come with a mattress pad or padded floor. They’re easy to set up and pack up for travel but aren’t considered to be sturdy enough to be the primary sleeping surface for your baby.

    Safety Considerations – Any crib manufactured after 2011 should be up to current safety regulations in terms of size and spacing of slats, fire prevention, etc, but you should check for crib recalls at the Keeping Babies Safe website before making your purchase.

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  • How to Pick the Right Babysitter

    Babysitters are a great resource for parents with activities outside the home, or just mom and dads who need a date night. Of course you want to find the best babysitter available. Here are a few tips for just how to do that.


    If you have nearby friends and family with children, the first step for you is to ask them what babysitters they use. If they don’t know of a great babysitter to recommend to you, they may know someone who does. If you belong to a church you can also ask fellow churchgoers with children for their recommendations. You can also ask neighbors with children.


    Today there’s a Facebook group for almost every interest or need. Most communities have a local facebook group where residents ask each other for advice about local resources. This often includes discussions about babysitters. Consider joining a Facebook group for parents near you. This could also help you make friends, learn more about your community, arrange playdates, etc.


    If you’re nervous about trying a new babysitter for your child, try inviting her to your home. This will give you the opportunity to ask her important questions and to introduce her to your child. Observe how they interact, and how the babysitter adapts to your child’s demeanor.


    Before talking to a prospective babysitter, develop some questions for her that pertain to your concerns. This allows you to gauge whether this person’s babysitting philosophy and attitude are compatible with yours. If your child has any special conditions, struggles or needs, write these down before the interview or screening process, and be sure to bring them up.


    Every good babysitter has several references available. Take the time to contact them and ask a few questions.


    It’s important to keep good notes on your quest to find a great babysitter, for all the obvious reasons. But even if you find the perfect one, it’s important to have a good backup or two. Keep those names and phone numbers. It’s also good to know a few sitters to share with other parents who may need their services.


    Even if you’re confident in the babysitter you’ve chosen, it usually doesn’t hurt to try out more than one. You can compare these experiences against each other. Ask your child about their experiences with these babysitters.

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  • How to Increase your Health

    Compared to women, men are more likely to die before reaching age 80, but less likely to seek medical care. Men are more likely to die by suicide, but less likely to see a therapist. Guys, we have to fix this. Here are a few points of advice.


    Americans are notoriously overweight. Obesity has been a deadly epidemic here for decades now. If you’re a bit over your ideal weight, make a list of all the foods you enjoy. Then rate them for their nutritional cost and benefit. You may be surprised by all the healthy foods that you do enjoy but have passed over for various reasons. If you’re worried about vegetables going bad before you eat them, buy them frozen or canned. They’re still healthy foods. If you think veggies are boring, add salsa or jalapenos. At the store, avoid sections containing unhealthy, tempting foods. Avoid fast food restaurants in favor of eating meals at home that you’ve taken care to plan.


    The sedentary lifestyle common in modern America poses substantial health risks to men and women alike. Make the time to take daily walks. If there’s a sport you used to do, consider taking it back up. There may be groups online dedicated to men such as yourself wanting to get together for a tennis match, a round of golf, or a pickup game of soccer or basketball. Consider joining your church’s softball team, or forming one if one doesn’t exist. Plan hiking outings for yourself and your family. If you have arthritis or have suffered from injuries, check out your local municipal pool. Many have low-impact water aerobics. You can also just swim laps. If you have a bike, get it fixed up and take it out for a spin. If your neighborhood has too many hills or too much traffic, look online for the best places to bike nearby, and make it an adventure.


    Everyone has emotions and emotional needs. Don’t keep them simmering below the surface. Talk to friends and family. You never know what pearls of wisdom are hiding there unless you engage. Be open about what you’re feeling. If you’re feeling a lot of stress, or feel that you may be depressed, see a therapist. They’re professionally trained to help you take stock of your emotional health in productive ways. They can also help you get any medications that may benefit you.

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  • Preparing Your Kids for School

    The first week of kindergarten or preschool is very exciting. But if your child is unprepared, it can also be stressful. Here are a few things you and your child can do to prepare for school.


    Orientation day is a great opportunity for you and your child to become familiar with his or her new school. At orientation, you talk to the new teacher and headmaster or director, see the classroom, and have a look around the school. It’s also a great chance to ask questions.


    One central aspect of kindergarten or preschool is learning to read. This can be a great joy for a child or a great hurdle. One great thing you can do for your child is to have a good variety of books on hand — books you read to them and books they can enjoy on their own. This will help instill a love of reading in them, and ease the process into a more formal education setting that is largely centered on reading and writing.


    Writing and drawing are crucial activities in any preschool or kindergarten. To help this go smoothly, you want your child to have developed some fine motor skills. Have plenty of paper available, as well as crayons and pencils, so your child can work on this ability. Help your child draw basic shapes and figures. Teach her to spell her name. Continue with some basic words such as Mom, Dad, cat and dog. Encourage your child to draw.


    If your child hasn’t been attending a preschool, it may be overwhelming for him or her to be surrounded by so many other children. This is especially true if your child is an only child or just has a sibling or two. To help home or her develop social skills to successfully interact with other children, it can be helpful to arrange playdates with other children around the same age.


    It’s easier for a new kindergartener to ease into full-time school if she’s spent some time at a preschool. Preschools allow students to attend as regular full-time students or as part-time students. This familiarizes them with the school environment and how to properly interact with teachers and other students.


    Attending kindergarten or preschool will be so much easier for your child and his teacher if your child is fully potty-trained. And of course, this makes life easier for parents as well. Potty-training can be quite a challenging activity but it’s always worth the trouble. Fortunately there are many resources online to help you train your child to successfully use the toilet.

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  • How to Emotionally Prepare for a New Baby

    Preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming. You’re not only preparing your home and adjusting your life’s schedule for a needy new family member. You’re also, if you know it or not, anticipating the emotions that this life change will bring. Don’t keep this emotional aspect of your life below the surface and unexamined. If you want to fully prepare for your new baby, take stock of your own emotions, and take a look at ways that you can manage them.


    There may be a creeping feeling that you won’t have your house, your life and your self in perfect order for your new baby. Fear not! No one achieves perfection before or after a child arrives. Every parent makes mistakes. Take deep breaths and focus on what is achievable.


    Your partner is going through the same stress you are. Ask him or her how they’re doing, and share your own emotions. This is a grand adventure you’re embarking upon together, and communication is crucial.


    You surely know a lot of other parents, including your own mom and dad. Ask them about the emotions of bringing home a new baby. They won’t remember everything, but they’ll remember what really mattered to them. It couldn’t hurt to take some notes from these chats. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, so it’s easy to forget things.


    If your stress is significant, and talking to your partner or other parents hasn’t allayed it, consider seeing a therapist. They’re professionally trained to discuss these stresses with you in ways that should help you along a healthy path.


    Getting some rest and relaxation is always important, but especially in times of stress. Set apart some time to do the things make you happy and relaxed. Make sure your partner does the same. And spend some time together in ways that strengthen your bond. You’ll have less time for this with a new baby in the house. Make the best of it.


    A bunch of to-do lists can add stress to your life, but crossing things off of them always feels nice, doesn’t it? Online live lists in programs such as Google Keep are helpful in that you can share them in real time with your partner through your devices, and see the changes that you both make. You can also drag items up or down on the list according to their priority. The best thing is: you can’t misplace these lists.

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  • What the Fourth Trimester Really Looks Like

    Have you heard of the 4th trimester? This is a term that pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp is believed to have coined, meaning that the first three months of a baby’s life after birth. It goes with a theory that babies are born after nine months because their brains are so big that if they stayed in the womb much longer, they wouldn’t fit through the birth canal. They are still not quite ready, though, for life on the outside. In fact, according to this theory, it takes them about three more months to adjust.

    Those first 12 weeks are a time of major changes, as you become a parent and your sleepy, often fussy newborn becomes a calmer, happier, more alert baby. During the 4th trimester, babies experience significant physical, mental, and emotional development. It can help to think of your baby as still being a fetus for these first few months because your baby may be overwhelmed by the outside world and just want cuddles from you.

    It’s important to understand what life was like for your baby inside the womb. Inside your body, it was warm, but not especially dark, because a fetus can see the rays of the sun pass through your skin and muscle. Your baby is used to the sound of your voice, the whooshing of the blood in the uterine arteries, and plenty of soft, jiggly motion.

    During this 4th trimester, you can expect your baby to cry and be fussy. Babies will scream a lot, sleep a little, and essentially wear you out. To comfort a baby in this stage of life, keep your little one snugly wrapped or swaddled, and try swaying and shushing with the baby in the side/stomach position. Give your baby plenty of opportunities to suck, too. In fact, you can look at snug, shushing, swaging, side/stomach, and suck as the five S’s of the 4th trimester. They’re calming because they make the baby feel back at home.

    Those first three months may seem like a blur, but by the time your newborn hits the 3-month mark, everything will have changed. Suddenly your baby will be a little person with a curious mind, the beginnings of a personality, and some motor skills. Interacting with your newborn during the first few months can help foster all of this development. By holding, rocking, and talking to your baby, you’ll actually be nurturing a growing brain. Be prepared to feel worn out, but know that it’s all worth it, as you grow into a parent and form a deep connection with your new little one.

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