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    If you are considering vasectomy reversal surgery to fulfill your family planning goals, Dr. Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal can give you the individualized approach you need. Schedule a consultation to discuss your surgical options by visiting our website or calling us at (941) 343-4020.

  • Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy With This Ovulation Calendar

    If you have chosen to undergo a vasectomy reversal so that you can start a family, you have probably begun researching ways to increase the likelihood of successful conception with your partner. One important detail to consider when you are trying to conceive is your partner’s ovulation, which can be easily tracked with the help of this app from Google Play.

    With the Ovulation Calendar app, you can pinpoint your partner’s most fertile days and plan the best dates to try and conceive, optimizing your chances of success. 


    Learn more about family planning and the vasectomy reversal procedure by visiting the Center for Vasectomy Reversal in Sarasota. Schedule a consultation with us on our website or call (941) 343-4020. We take patients from all over the country, and our practice can help you start the family you and your partner desire. 

  • Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope After a Failed Vasectomy Reversal

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    The vasectomy reversal procedure has provided many men with the opportunity to start a family after choosing to get a vasectomy earlier in life. However, vasectomy reversal can be unsuccessful for a variety of reasons unique to each patient. If you have had a vasectomy reversal that was unsuccessful, you may still be able to achieve your goals of conceiving with your partner. Repeat or revision reverse vasectomies are not uncommon, and this type of procedure could be the answer for your family planning needs.

    Addressing potential causes for failed vasectomy reversal:

    A failed surgery may occur for several reasons; one you should consider is the experience of your doctor. Vasectomy reversal is highly technical, so it requires a level of skill that is not available from all physicians. Be sure to research your doctor carefully for a repeat procedure so that you receive the best possible care. Other factors that may have affected the results of your initial procedure include the time between your vasectomy and the reversal surgery, infection or trauma from the surgery, and the state of your overall health.

    Talking to your doctor about another reverse vasectomy procedure:

    Because there are so many details that can affect the success of reverse vasectomy, each patient is evaluated for a repeat or revision procedure on an individual basis. Your doctor will review all the risks and considerations of surgery so that you can decide if it is right for your unique situation. Choosing Dr. Joshua Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal for your surgery can improve your chances for success with a secondary procedure. Dr. Green has many years of experience in this type of surgery.

    To schedule your consultation at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal , call us at (941) 343-4020 or visit our website. We give each of our patients completely personalized attention to address their goals for starting a family. 

  • Coming in from Out of Town for Your Vasectomy Reversal? Why There Are No Worries When It Comes to Accommodations

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    Vasectomy reversal surgery is a delicate procedure that requires superior skill and experience for successful results. In order to achieve your goals for surgery, you may benefit from traveling out of town to the Center for Vasectomy Reversal in Sarasota, Florida. Many of our patients are not local residents, so we are fully prepared to handle your needs as a traveling patient. Here are some ways that we work to help our out-of-town patients find accommodations and have the best possible surgical experience:

    • We can help make your travel arrangements: The resort town of Sarasota offers comfortable lodging to suit any budget, and our staff is happy to guide you toward the right hotel choice for your needs. A large number of our patients choose The Hampton Inn just across the street from our s urgical center , but there are several other excellent hotels conveniently located in the area.
    • Pre-surgical care is available through correspondence: Like any surgical procedure, vasectomy reversal does require medical screening before it is performed. To reduce the time you must spend in Sarasota for your procedure, we can complete these preliminary steps through telephone, email, and mail communication.
    • Post-surgical follow-up is scheduled within 24 hours: You will need to see the doctor after the surgery is performed so that drains can be removed from the surgical site. This visit takes place the day after surgery, and the healing process is relatively easy from this point. Pain and discomfort are typically reported for only 24 to 48 hours after surgery, so you can make your trip relatively short. Any questions or concerns you have after you return home can be addressed through phone or email.

    If you are considering the vasectomy reversal procedure to restore your fertility, contact the Center for Vasectomy Reversal at (941) 343-4020. Our professional and caring staff can help make the entire surgical process simple and stress-free.