• What Men Can Do to Improve Pre-Conception Health

    When couples decide to try for a baby, it’s usually the woman who makes major lifestyle changes to improve health. But it should be a team effort. There are several things men can do to improve their pre-conception health and minimize the risk of male infertility. You can learn about them when you watch the accompanying video.

    Cigarettes are a major problem, especially for those who have concerns about male infertility. You’ll need to quit smoking, if applicable, before having a baby. Alcohol also affects sperm health, so try to quit that as well. Another way to boost sperm health is to avoid overheating the scrotal area. Beware of hot baths and saunas, and avoid placing your laptop on your lap.

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  • How Couples Can Cope with the Stress of Trying to Conceive

    After a vasectomy reversal , the process of trying to conceive can be stressful for couples. Supporting each other through this emotional time will bring you closer together and help you avoid the kind of stress that can itself interfere with your efforts to conceive. Keep this advice in mind as you try to start your new family.

    Admit That You’re Stressed

    When you’re feeling worries about conceiving, your first instinct may be to try to push the feeling away. In reality, although you may succeed in temporarily burying it, stress will come back with a vengeance if you don’t face it head-on. Admitting to yourself and to each other that you have anxiety about the success of your vasectomy reversal and conceiving will let you deal with the way you’re feeling. Resist the urge to pretend you’re not stressed so that you can avoid a big blowup later.

    Limit Your Online Time

    Make a pact that you won’t spend your time surfing the internet for information about female and male infertility, pregnancy symptoms, or techniques for boosting your chances of conceiving. Although having some information is helpful, the internet is a minefield of misinformation that could contribute to your stress. Obsessively scouring the net can also increase your anxiety and make you hyper-aware of your efforts to conceive. Commit to each other that you will seek advice from a medical professional if you have a question.

    Do Something Else

    Don’t make your entire life about starting a family. Stick to your normal activities, and make plenty of time for recreation. If you undergo fertility treatments, such as IVF, and are waiting to find out if it was successful, consider taking a trip or doing something else to take your mind off the process.

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