• 4 Tips for Helping You and Your Partner Become Pregnant after a Vasectomy Reversal

    If you’re ready to start a family after your vasectomy reversal , a few healthy lifestyle changes can boost your chances. Mental and physical health are important factors in both male and female fertility. If you have questions about your vasectomy reversal or your fertility, your surgeon can provide answers.

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    Cut Back on Alcohol, Smoking, and Caffeine
    Alcohol and smoking can negatively impact sperm counts. Even if you are a casual smoker or drinker, cut down on these habits as much as possible. Additionally, alcohol, smoking, and caffeine should be avoided while pregnant. To minimize cravings when these are no longer options, slowly reduce your consumption before attempting to conceive.

    Reach Your Target Weight
    Both men and women are more fertile when at their target weights. If either partner is over- or underweight, it can be more difficult to conceive. Talk to your doctor about your current health. Aim to reach your target weight healthily with a combination of a nutritious diet and exercise.

    Get More Sleep
    Sleep is another important factor in your health and your fertility. Learn how to cultivate healthy sleep habits and aim to get enough sleep every night so you feel well rested the next day. Improving sleeping patterns also increases your mental wellbeing, creating a healthier, happier relationship.

    Reduce Stress
    Stress can lower fertility  drastically, so begin finding positive ways to reduce it. Everyone achieves relaxation differently, and you and your partner may have different methods of reaching this goal. Keep in mind that stress relief will continue to be important during and after pregnancy, so these new habits will serve you for life!

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  • The Relationship Between Divorce and Vasectomy Regrets

    One of the major reasons men get vasectomies they later regret is because many couples underestimate their own risk for divorce. Many men seeking vasectomy reversal have gone through a divorce and have later met a new partner who wishes to have children.

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    Couples often find it difficult to admit their relationship is in trouble, and divorce is more often initiated by women than men. Because many men don’t see trouble coming, they agree to a vasectomy before considering the possibility that their marriage may not last. The best way to avoid regret over a vasectomy is to take your time regarding the decision. Admit that your marriage may not be permanent, whether through divorce or death. Talking openly about your feelings and your future is the best way to prevent vasectomy regret.

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  • How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Sperm Count

    If you want a family, a low sperm count can affect your chances. A sperm count above 20 million per milliliter is considered normal.

    Many men don’t know that a number of lifestyle factors can have an effect on fertility. This video explains that factors such as drinking alcohol, smoking, using recreational drugs, and feeling stressed can all play roles in male infertility. These factors can have a cumulative effect over time, so the longer you engage in unhealthy behaviors, the more it can affect your fertility.

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