• What You Need to Know About Semen Analysis

    If you’ve undergone a vasectomy, you’re probably already familiar with the basic procedure of semen analysis. Physicians commonly request a semen analysis after a vasectomy to ensure that there is no sperm present in the semen. However, this series of tests is also helpful for men who have undergone vasectomy reversals. In these cases, semen analysis after the procedure can evaluate its success.

    You can hear more about semen analysis by watching this animation. It explains that men may provide a semen sample in a sterile medical cup or a special condom. If men collect the semen sample at home, they must keep it at body temperature and take it to the lab or doctor’s office within two hours. This video also discusses the various aspects of semen and sperm that the tests will evaluate.

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  • Comparing Vasectomy Reversal and Sperm Retrieval

    If you have previously had a vasectomy, you should know that it’s not uncommon for men to change their minds about wanting to become fathers or to expand their existing families. Regardless of what your circumstances are, there are multiple options you can consider when you’re ready to have a child. Talk to a vasectomy reversal surgeon about infertility procedures that may be appropriate for you.

    Evaluating the Possibility of Vasectomy Reversal

    Vasectomy reversals boast a high rate of success, especially when men undergo the reversal within five years of having the original vasectomy. A vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure that is best performed by an experienced specialist in the field. There are a couple of approaches the surgeon may use, depending on the patient’s particular needs. In general, however, a vasectomy reversal involves the restoration of function of the vas deferens to allow for the passage of sperm. Even if you have previously undergone a vasectomy reversal without success, a skilled surgeon may be able to perform another reversal to help you have a child. However, couples may also wish to consider the possibility of surgical sperm retrieval, especially if a second vasectomy reversal fails to result in pregnancy.

    Understanding Surgical Sperm Retrieval

    Surgical sperm retrieval can only result in pregnancy if the couple plans on having in vitro fertilization (IVF). Couples will need to decide if they are willing and capable of taking on the cost and emotional investment of IVF. If so, the vasectomy reversal surgeon may perform microscopic epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA). This technique involves collecting sperm directly from the epididymis. Since the surgeon uses visual guidance to locate the sperm, this technique tends to be more successful than other methods of sperm retrieval. Once the sperm has been collected, it can be combined with the female partner’s eggs or injected directly into the eggs for fertilization.

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