• How Life Changes When You Become a Dad

    Father and Son

    Men seeking vasectomy reversals are all after the same, life-changing experience: becoming a dad. No matter how sure you are of your decision to enter fatherhood, you’re bound to wonder about the some of the profound changes that inevitably accompany having a child. Once your partner conceives after your vasectomy reversal, what can you expect when your little one enters the world? Here is a look at some of the things new dads report about their new lives.

    You Have to Work Harder for “Me” Time

    Everyone needs a little downtime in his or her days. Before you have kids, it’s easy to grab 30 minutes here and there for working out, seeing friends, or just relaxing. Babies are demanding, and that makes it a little harder to fit in time for you. Work with your partner to give each other breaks. Taking some time for yourself doesn’t make you selfish. Instead, it will help you become a better dad .

    Family Time Takes Precedence

    Before you have a child, your social life may revolve around a circle of friends. After your baby is born, social time is more likely to mean outings with the family. While you’ll love spending time with your growing family, don’t forget to keep in touch with your friends and to continue to develop your interests and hobbies. Encourage your partner to do the same.

    You’ll Have New Financial Demands

    Kids have a lot of financial needs, from diapers and formula to college tuition. It may seem like you could never make enough money to cover them all, but relax. Look around at all of the families with kids who make it. You can too. Spend some time with your partner mapping out a budget. It will make you feel more in control and give you an idea of how your money can best be put to use.

    Being a dad will change your life, and undergoing a vasectomy reversal can help you begin this new journey. If you dream of fatherhood, let the Center for Vasectomy Reversal help you achieve that goal. Schedule a consultation today by calling (941) 961-4581 to find out more .

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  • How to Finance Your Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

    The first step in financing your vasectomy reversal procedure is determining whether your insurance plan will cover it. Unfortunately, many of them do not provide coverage for infertility treatments. Consult the vasectomy reversal surgeon and obtain a quote for the cost. Be sure to ask if there will be any additional fees. Then, consider sources of funding, such as a savings account or Certificate of Deposit (CD).

    Doctor who explains to patient

    Many men choose to fund their vasectomy reversal procedures with multiple financing sources. For example, after contributing some of the money with a savings account, you might put the rest of the balance on one or more credit cards. It’s also a good idea to ask the surgeon if his or her office is willing to consider a monthly payment plan.

    At the Center for Vasectomy Reversal, we strive to make your vasectomy reversal as affordable as possible. We offer an upfront, all-inclusive quote with no hidden fees and we accept a variety of payment options, including a monthly payment plan. For more information about financing your vasectomy reversal, call our office in Sarasota at (941) 961-4581.

  • Can Acupuncture Boost Male Fertility?

    Many women visit an acupuncturist to improve their chances of conceiving a child. However, men can also benefit from this complementary therapy. One of the ways acupuncture may help is by improving the quality of sperm. Acupuncture may boost sperm motility, or the movement of sperm to the egg, in addition to sperm count, or the total number of sperm.

    Learn more about acupuncture for male fertility by watching this video. This licensed acupuncturist discusses what you can expect from your first acupuncture visit and how the professional will choose the best needle points for you. You’ll also see a demonstration of the insertion and removal of the sterile, single-use needles.

    The Center for Vasectomy Reversal in Sarasota, FL is dedicated to helping couples achieve their family planning goals. Schedule a visit with Dr. Joshua Green today by calling (941) 961-4581 or learn about vasectomy reversal on our website .