• Why Vasectomy Reversal Is Effective Treatment for Post-Vasectomy Pain

    Some men who undergo a vasectomy develop post-vasectomy pain syndrome. This syndrome involves chronic, significant pain that can be debilitating. Typically, urologists prescribe medications that are largely ineffective. Now, however, researchers have discovered an effective way of helping men with post-vasectomy pain syndrome alleviate their symptoms. A vasectomy reversal can eliminate these symptoms permanently in most men.

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    The pain involved with post-vasectomy pain syndrome is described as aching, sharp, or burning pain in the testicular area up to the abdomen. For some men, the pain develops because of a buildup of pressure in the area. Others experience pain because of inflammation caused by the vasectomy. Researchers have discovered that a vasectomy reversal can not only eliminate the buildup of pressure, but that it can also eradicate the inflammation site. Most patients who undergo a vasectomy reversal experience complete relief of post-vasectomy pain syndrome.

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  • What Is a Semen Analysis?

    A semen analysis is an evaluation of a semen sample. After having a vasectomy reversal, you can expect to provide one or more semen samples for analysis to determine whether sperm is present. It can take a while for sperm to become present in semen again following a vasectomy reversal. Before providing a semen sample, avoid intercourse for at least three to five days. Then, collect the semen sample, keep it at body temperature, and bring it to the doctor’s office within 30 minutes.

    You can hear more about semen analysis by watching this video. This doctor explains the many aspects of sperm that can be evaluated with this type of test, such as sperm morphology and motility.

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  • Common Questions About Vasectomy Reversal

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    A vasovasostomy, more commonly referred to as a vasectomy reversal , is an option for men who have previously undergone a sterilization procedure to permanently prevent pregnancy. During the procedure, the vasectomy reversal surgeon will reconnect the vas deferens to enable the sperm to be ejaculated in the semen once again. Before you meet with the surgeon to discuss the procedure, it’s a good idea to write down a list of all your questions, which may include the following.

    What Are the Success Rates?

    The success rates for vasectomy reversal procedures are favorable. They primarily depend upon the length of time that has passed since the original vasectomy. If you underwent the procedure less than five years ago, there is about a 95 percent chance that the reversal will be successful.

    Can a Second Vasectomy Reversal Attempt Succeed?

    Often, men meet with a vasectomy reversal surgeon after previously attempting a vasovasotomy elsewhere, with no success. In these cases, the surgeon will carefully consider factors that may contribute to the success of a second attempt. These factors include whether the first surgeon was a specialist in this area of medicine, whether sperm is present in the ejaculate, and whether there could be other medical conditions involved.

    What Happens on the Day of the Surgery?

    Vasectomy reversals are typically performed under general anesthesia. On the day of the surgery, the anesthesiologist will administer the drugs to make you sleep, in addition to a long-acting local anesthetic. The local anesthetic improves your comfort level after the surgery. The procedure itself may take two to three hours. After the surgery, you’ll be closely monitored until you are alert. Someone else should drive you home.

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