• The Most Popular Baby Names of 2021

    When you’re expecting a baby, it can be very exciting to think about names! Making lists of names, debating them with your partner, and noticing every name you hear a mom call in the grocery store are all part of the fun. How should you go about choosing a name? We’ve got some tips.

    • First, remember that you’re naming an actual person. Don’t go with a trendy or difficult spelling or choose a name that’s a pop culture reference. Save the joke names and too-cute names for your pets and pick a name that your child is not likely to resent and you’re not likely to regret.
    • Walk the line between popular and strange. Consider this: children with popular names are likely to be one of many in their class. If you don’t want your child to be called by his or her first name and last initial throughout elementary school, you might want to pick a more unique name. On the other hand, it’s good to choose a name the child will one day be able to find on a key chain.
    • Classics are classic for a reason. Sure, some traditional names are boring and overused, but there are many that are perfectly lovely. Look to classic literature for inspiration or read an old baby name book.
    • Climb through your family tree. You may find a name you love, or you may find the perfect middle name. Either way, it’s a great way to honor a family member.
    • Research the meanings of the names you like. Before you let yourself fall in love with a name, make sure it doesn’t mean something horrible.
    • Carefully consider nicknames and initials. No one wants a name that will cause them to have a meanspirited playground nickname, or initials that spell something unpleasant.
    • Say the name out loud to make sure it isn’t weird. Names should have a good rhythmic flow, so say the first, middle and last name together to make sure it’s what you intended.
    • Determine if any famous people have that name. You don’t want to accidentally name your infant after a serial killer, a war criminal, or an adult film star.

    Need some inspiration? Here are the top ten names from 2021 so far, according to BabyCenter. Will you embrace the trendy names, or do you want to know them so that you can avoid them?

    Boys Girls
    1)      Noah 1) Olivia
    2)      Liam 2) Emma
    3)      Oliver 3) Amelia
    4)      Elijah 4) Ava
    5)      Lucas 5) Sophia
    6)      Mason 6) Charlotte
    7)      Levi 7) Isabella
    8)      James 8) Mia
    9)      Asher 9) Luna
    10)   Mateo 10) Harper


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  • 11 Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Name

    As an expectant parent, choosing a baby name can be both thrilling and intimidating. After all, the name you bestow upon your little one will be part of their identity for the rest of their lives. Here are 11 tips to help you choose a baby name you won’t regret.

    1. Avoid trendy misspellings: Ask yourself—will my child have to spell or explain their name to everyone they meet? Will a chic pop-culture reference sounds silly in 10 years? Will it be impossible to ever find the name on a keychain souvenir? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, consider choosing a different name.
    2. Consider the classics: Not all traditional names are “boring.” If Sarah, Mary, John, and Will don’t do it for you, think Clarice, Audrey, Oliver, and Theodore.
    3. Seek inspiration from your family tree: Consider naming your baby after a significant family member, even if it’s “just” the middle name.
    4. Honor your heritage: Search for names derived from your country of origin. You’re bound to fall in love with at least one.
    5. Look up meanings: A name might sound nice, but this step ensures you don’t end up choosing one that implies something horrible. Or, if you simply love a name like Calvin, you can come up with a one-liner to jokingly explain why “bald” is the perfect meaning behind your baby’s name.
    6. Contemplate nicknames and teasing potential: To help prevent bullying on the playground, brainstorm possible ways other kids could construe the name you’ve picked out.
    7. Write down the initials: There are plenty of unpleasant two- and three-letter combinations. Remember this when considering your baby’s initials.
    8. Say it out loud: Test the rhythmic flow. Maybe what you had planned for the middle name would work better as the first name after all.
    9. Find out if anyone famous has that name: There’s a reason no babies today are named Adolf or Ebenezer. Search your baby name choices online to make sure they don’t reveal a serial killer or adult movie star with that same name.
    10. Know that you can change your mind: There’s nothing wrong with realizing the name you picked out doesn’t fit once you see your baby for the first time. Even if you have already announced to everyone what name you have chosen, you have until you leave the hospital to make your final decision.
    11. Consider keeping the name a secret: Unless you want to risk receiving unsolicited feedback about what you should or shouldn’t name your baby, consider keeping your ideas between you and your partner.

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  • Top Baby Names of the Last Decade

    It’s interesting how names come in and out of popularity, depending on cultural shifts. Is the name your parents gave you still a popular choice among today’s parents? Let’s take a look at the top baby names of the recent years, as we move into a whole new decade.

    The classics remain classic. For boys, Noah, Liam, and Jacob top the list for the 2010s, and they were all popular in the previous decade as well. For girls, the top three were Emma, Sophia, and Olivia, which had all been in the top 20 during the 2000s.

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of the top baby names each year, and using their analysis of over 35 million babies who were born between 2010 and 2018, they’ve come up with a ranking of the top 200. Are there any newcomers to the top 20? Yes! For boys, Jayden and Mason climbed the charts, while new top 20 names for girls included Harper, Evelyn, and Addison. You can find the whole list at the SSA’s website, but for now, we’ll give you this teaser of the top 20 for both boys and girls.

    18,133, 841 baby boys were born between 2010 and 2018, and these were the top 20 boys’ names, which the Social Security Administration tells us are “a good indication of the ultimate rankings for the complete decade”:

    1. Noah
    2. Liam
    3. Jacob
    4. Mason
    5. William
    6. Ethan
    7. Michael
    8. Alexander
    9. James
    10. Elijah
    11. Daniel
    12. Benjamin
    13. Aiden
    14. Jayden
    15. Logan
    16. Matthew
    17. David
    18. Joseph
    19. Lucas
    20. Jackson

    In that same time frame, 17, 316, 359 baby girls were brought into the world, and these were the top 20 girls’ names, also representing the entire decade:

    1. Emma
    2. Sophia
    3. Olivia
    4. Isabella
    5. Ava
    6. Mia
    7. Abigail
    8. Emily
    9. Madison
    10. Charlotte
    11. Elizabeth
    12. Amelia
    13. Chloe
    14. Ella
    15. Evelyn
    16. Avery
    17. Sofia
    18. Harper
    19. Grace
    20. Addison

    What do you think? Did your favorite names make the list? Many of the top 20 are timeless, but a few modern names have made their way in. If you had a baby right now, would these names make your list?

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  • Would You Use Social Media to Choose a Baby Name? 

    Picking a baby name is one of the most exciting parts of growing your family. After a vasectomy reversal, if your partner conceives, would you ever use social media to help pick your baby’s name? 

    Watch this video to hear how social media is shaping the way that some people pick names for their babies. Some people check social media handles and change the names that they had in mind of their chosen name is already taken, while others conduct social media polls to narrow down a name.  

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  • Tips for Picking a Baby Name

    After a successful vasectomy reversal and pregnancy, the real fun starts—choosing a baby name. Picking a name is more challenging than you may think, especially when you and your partner have different ideas. This video offers advice for narrowing down your selection.

    Start by making a list of 10 names separately from your partner, and have them do the same. Compare your lists, and each of you pick two names from the other’s list. Then, you should have a total of four names you both love. From there, consider things like the longevity of the name and how your child will grow into it.

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  • Nicknames to Consider for These Popular Baby Names

    Once you get the exciting news that your vasectomy reversal has indeed been successful, and you and your partner are expecting, it’s time to start thinking about baby names! There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a great baby name, such as family traditions, cultural heritage, and of course, the nickname possibilities. Watch this featured video to get the scoop on nicknames for some of the most popular baby names worldwide.

    One of the most popular names for girls is Amelia, which lends itself to nicknames like Amy, Mel, Lia, and Millie. Dom, Dommie, Nick, and Nico are all great nicknames for Dominic. Gianna, which is actually already a shortened form of the name Giovanna, offers these nickname possibilities: Gia, Gigi, and Anna.

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  • Use This App to Help You Find the Perfect Baby Name

    As soon as a pregnancy test is positive, the hunt for the perfect baby name is on. Settling on the right name can feel cathartic after dealing with male infertility. However, excited parents-to-be will quickly discover that scrolling through lists of thousands of names is downright dizzying. Make your search easier by trying the Baby Names Genius app, which sorts through a database of 50,000 names to find the right one for you.

    Just input your preferences and the Baby Name Genius will provide relevant suggestions. The database is filtered based on origin, popularity, length, initial letter, and religion. You’ll also get access to name meanings, unique baby names, celebrity names, and live updates on currently trending names.

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