Top Baby Names of the Last Decade

It’s interesting how names come in and out of popularity, depending on cultural shifts. Is the name your parents gave you still a popular choice among today’s parents? Let’s take a look at the top baby names of the recent years, as we move into a whole new decade.

The classics remain classic. For boys, Noah, Liam, and Jacob top the list for the 2010s, and they were all popular in the previous decade as well. For girls, the top three were Emma, Sophia, and Olivia, which had all been in the top 20 during the 2000s.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of the top baby names each year, and using their analysis of over 35 million babies who were born between 2010 and 2018, they’ve come up with a ranking of the top 200. Are there any newcomers to the top 20? Yes! For boys, Jayden and Mason climbed the charts, while new top 20 names for girls included Harper, Evelyn, and Addison. You can find the whole list at the SSA’s website, but for now, we’ll give you this teaser of the top 20 for both boys and girls.

18,133, 841 baby boys were born between 2010 and 2018, and these were the top 20 boys’ names, which the Social Security Administration tells us are “a good indication of the ultimate rankings for the complete decade”:

  1. Noah
  2. Liam
  3. Jacob
  4. Mason
  5. William
  6. Ethan
  7. Michael
  8. Alexander
  9. James
  10. Elijah
  11. Daniel
  12. Benjamin
  13. Aiden
  14. Jayden
  15. Logan
  16. Matthew
  17. David
  18. Joseph
  19. Lucas
  20. Jackson

In that same time frame, 17, 316, 359 baby girls were brought into the world, and these were the top 20 girls’ names, also representing the entire decade:

  1. Emma
  2. Sophia
  3. Olivia
  4. Isabella
  5. Ava
  6. Mia
  7. Abigail
  8. Emily
  9. Madison
  10. Charlotte
  11. Elizabeth
  12. Amelia
  13. Chloe
  14. Ella
  15. Evelyn
  16. Avery
  17. Sofia
  18. Harper
  19. Grace
  20. Addison

What do you think? Did your favorite names make the list? Many of the top 20 are timeless, but a few modern names have made their way in. If you had a baby right now, would these names make your list?

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