• Preparing for Your Vasectomy Reversal

    A vasectomy reversal is often considered a minimally invasive procedure, but it still involves some preparation and alteration to your daily habits. Attending to these needs prior to your surgery can ensure a smooth treatment and recovery process. The following guidelines can help you get ready for your procedure; consult your vasectomy reversal doctor for additional advice.

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    Make Travel Accommodations
    Vasectomy reversal may not require highly invasive measures, but patients still require assistance in the hours after their procedure. If you are about to undergo this type of surgery, arrange for your spouse or friend to look after your transportation needs. Especially for any procedure that requires anesthesia, trying to drive yourself home can yield dangerous results. You may also want someone to help you with meals and other household tasks as you  recover from your vasectomy reversal .

    Refrain from Prescription Drug Use
    Before undergoing a vasectomy reversal, but sure to disclose the usage of all medications. For your safety during surgery, your vasectomy reversal surgeon may recommend that you cease taking certain prescription drugs in the days or even weeks leading to your procedure. You may also want to inform him of any herbal pills you take, as their side effects may affect your wellbeing during a vasectomy reversal.

    Get a Clean Bill of Health
    The goal of a vasectomy reversal is to enable the patient to father children in the future. If other medical issues complicate this possibility, a vasectomy reversal may not be enough to reverse male infertility. Prior to any invasive procedure, your vasectomy reversal doctor should administer a series of tests to ensure that your sperm are healthy and all other aspects of your reproductive system can support future insemination.

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  • New Research in IVF Treatment

    Couples who pursue in vitro fertilization may be pleased to learn that recent developments can increase their chances for a healthy pregnancy. This video discusses how doctors can now make more informed decisions about embryo implantation.

    Traditional IVF processes included limited supervision of the embryos produced from artificial insemination. The medical staff viewed the embryos perhaps once a day and had to decide based on this practice which embryos should undergo implantation. Digital technology now allows doctors the chance to view hundreds of images of the growing embryos each day. With this exponential increase in visual data, a physician can make a better determination of which embryos are most likely to successfully implant in the uterus.

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  • An Overview of the Vaso-Vasostomy (V-V) Procedure

    With the vaso-vasostomy procedure, many men can now resume their parenting dreams despite having had a vasectomy. This minimally invasive surgery can achieve several objectives. First, the procedure can remove any scar tissue that may hinder the capability of a man’s reproductive system. Second, it identifies whether the components of that reproductive system, namely the presence of sperm and transfer of those sperm through the vas deferens, is possible. Once a vasectomy reversal doctor determines that the functionality of these components is intact, he can then reattach the vas deferens in a location ideal for future function and insemination.

    Fatherhood is great!

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