Understanding Your Vasectomy Reversal Options

Vasectomy reversal is a complex, detailed procedure that requires the knowledge of an experienced physician. Dr. Joshua Green and the team members here at the Center For Vasectomy Reversal are leaders in the field, and have extensive experience helping men overcome their fertility issues. Before scheduling a vasectomy reversal, we consult with each patient to understand which procedure best suits his fertility needs.

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Vasovasostomy (V-V) Procedure
During the vasovasostomy procedure, Dr. Green creates a small incision in each side of the upper scrotum. He then identifies the vasectomy site and removes the scar tissue from the area. Once the scar tissue is removed, Dr. Green flushes the abdominal side of the vas and inspects the testicular side for presence of sperm. If sperm is present, the medical team reconnects the cut ends of the vas using microscopic magnification.

Vasoepididymostomy (V-E) Procedure
If Dr. Green does not find sperm and instead discovers the fluid from the testicular side of the vas is thick and pasty, a vasoepididymostomy is performed. During this procedure, Dr. Green attaches the vas to a tubule of the epididymis to allow the free flow of sperm. The epididymis is the area in which sperm mature, so vasoepididymostomy is typically performed in a remote area of the epididymis.

Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA)
Some men plan for in vitro fertilization as part of their  vasectomy reversals . In these cases, Dr. Green uses the operating microscope to perform sperm aspiration, a procedure that determines sperm count if the vas deferens is blocked. Using the microscope allows Dr. Green to obtain sperm from the epididymis with minimal blood or fluid contamination. The use of a microscope also allows for an excellent success rate with minimal risk of damaging nearby structures.

For more information about vasectomy reversal, contact the Center For Vasectomy Reversal at (941) 343-4020. At our fully staffed surgical center, we put patient comfort and satisfaction first. Our goal is to help men address their fertility issues and  achieve complete fertility

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