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  • Sperm Mapping on The Doctors

    Fertility issues can be very troubling for couples desiring to have children, but there are medical solutions that can prove helpful. Male-factor infertility can be attributed to a lack of sperm in the ejaculate, which may seem like an impossible problem to overcome in order to achieve pregnancy.

    However, as this video explains, there may be sperm in the testicles even if it is not present in the ejaculate. Sperm mapping can identify whether sperm is present in the testicles so that it can be retrieved through microsurgical procedures before in-vitro fertilization takes place.

    For more information about sperm mapping and aspiration, schedule a consultation with the Center for Vasectomy Reversal. We can help you accomplish your family planning goals when you might think that hope has been lost for fertility treatment. Learn more on our website or call us at (941) 343-4020.

  • Is the MESA Procedure Right for You?

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    MESA (micro-epididymal sperm aspiration) is a procedure in which sperm is taken for in-vitro fertilization directly from the epididymal tubes through microsurgical techniques. The surgery may be used for several different reasons, as it is a safe and effective method to retrieve healthy sperm for optimal chances of achieving pregnancy through ISCI during in-vitro fertilization. Here are some signs that indicate this procedure may be right for helping you and your partner overcome infertility :

    • You are already planning to use in-vitro fertilization: If your partner is diagnosed with female-factor infertility, you may be planning an in-vitro procedure to improve the chances of pregnancy. Pairing the MESA procedure with in-vitro fertilization can further improve the likelihood of success, because it guarantees the purest sperm sample available. The procedure has a minimal chance of interfering with structures surrounding the epididymal tubes, and it prevents contamination of the sperm from other bodily fluids.
    • An obstruction is preventing adequate sperm count in ejaculation: Injury, infection, or other types of trauma can lead to an obstruction within the male anatomy that prevents sperm from traveling properly. MESA is a minimally invasive procedure that can eliminate this problem by acquiring a sperm sample that will be adequate for in-vitro fertilization procedures.
    • You want to improve the chances of pregnancy: Success rates with MESA are better than other fertility procedures used for male-factor infertility . The procedure is performed with incredible accuracy because the epididymal tubes can be seen directly through a microscope as the doctor performs the procedure, so the chances of successful fertilization are high.

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  • What to Expect After Your Vasectomy Reversal

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    When you decide to undergo a vasectomy reversal in order to meet the changing goals of your family plans or eliminate symptoms from complications of the original vasectomy procedure, you might wonder what the recovery process will entail. There is some discomfort that can be expected during recovery, but it is generally minimal and lasts only about 24-48 hours. Some precautions will need to be taken to prevent tearing at the site of the repair, which are explained below.

    • Reduction in physical activity: You will need to rest for the first few days after the procedure and refrain from rigorous exercise for about one month. Light physical activity should not pose a problem, but always discuss it with your surgeon to be certain that it is safe. You should be able to return to work fairly soon after your procedure as long as your job does not require heavy lifting or other tasks involving physical labor.
    • Use of supportive clothing: A scrotal support will need to be worn for about one month after your procedure. It should be worn at all times except for when you are in the shower. This snug support will prevent the testicles from hanging down, so damage is less likely to occur at the surgical site.
    • Break in sexual activity: It is important that patients do not participate in sexual activity or ejaculate for at least three weeks following surgery. When sexual activity is resumed, more sperm will appear in the ejaculate over a period spanning about 12-15 months. Achieving pregnancy after vasectomy reversal can take up to two years, occurring with about a 50% success rate in this period of time.

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    Infertility is not a condition exclusive to women. Learn more about the changes that come with fatherhood and how a semen analysis can diagnose the cause of male infertility with these helpful resources. Call the Center for Vasectomy Reversal at (941) 343-4020 for more information on our services.

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