• The Patient’s Guide to Vasoepididymostomy

    Having a vasectomy does not necessarily mean that you’ll never be able to father children. In fact, advanced surgical technologies have facilitated great outcomes for men seeking vasectomy reversal, which may become appropriate as your life plans and goals change. If you are considering vasectomy reversal in Sarasota, your first step will be to consult a surgeon to explore your options. There are a few different procedures available, including vasoepididymostomy, which is discussed in further detail here:

    What is the procedure?

    Vasoepididymostomy is a more complex and technically demanding surgical procedure than vasovasostomy, which you might consider a standard vasectomy reversal procedure. During the vasoepididymostomy, the surgeon must work around an epidydimal obstruction, which is not the case in vasovasostomy surgeries.

    Who should consider it?

    Your doctor will utilize a series of diagnostic tests to understand your unique needs in vasectomy reversal. If your vasectomy took place more than 10 years ago or there were any complications or trauma during your surgery, vasoepididymostomy may be indicated.

    What can you expect during treatment?

    Like other vasectomy reversals, vasoepididymostomy is a microsurgical procedure, so it will utilize very small incisions and be performed on an outpatient basis. You will be sedated during surgery, so you will not feel anything during the treatment itself. Afterwards, you may have some tenderness and soreness, and you will need to refrain from sexual activity and strenuous exercise until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead.

    What type of outcome can you expect?

    It’s important to understand the costs and potential for successful pregnancy following vasoepididymostomy. Though this procedure does not have success rates as high as vasovasostomy in terms of future pregnancies, it is still a more effective path to conception than IVF for many couples. In addition, it has lower costs per live birth than the in-vitro fertilization procedure.

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  • IVF After Vasectomy: Are Twins in Your Future?

    Though vasectomy reversal is possible for many men who have undergone vasectomy procedures, it is not always the right option for conception. IVF may be more appropriate if there are other factors influencing male fertility or if your partner is also facing fertility issues.

    As this video explains, IVF, or in-vitro fertilization, does carry the risk of multiple pregnancies with twins or triplets. Multiple pregnancies are often higher-risk pregnancies, and they can be much more stressful for couples. Therefore, it is important to mitigate these risks with the right practices in IVF, which will include selecting the appropriate number of embryos for transfer based on the age and reproductive health of the mother.

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  • Tips for Supporting Your Partner Through His Vasectomy Reversal

    If you and your partner have decided that it’s time to start a family, but he has previously had a vasectomy, you might be discussing the possibility of vasectomy reversal . This microsurgical procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and it is not much different than getting the vasectomy itself. However, it can still be stressful for your partner, so he may need you to provide extra support and help through his recovery to create a path to conception. Below, you will find some guidelines for offering support to your partner as he undergoes infertility procedures in Sarasota.

    Keep Open Lines of Communication

    It is important to be open and honest as you communicate with your partner about your family planning goals and expectations. Though vasectomy reversal is a minor, minimally invasive surgery, it should still only be considered after careful discussion and planning. You should also welcome your partner to express any worries or concerns that might have him feeling more stressed prior to his surgery.

    Attend Appointments with Your Partner

    You may need to provide some help during the recovery process, and it can be helpful to have a better understanding of the surgery that your partner has had. Attending the surgical consultation and follow-up appointments with your partner can allow you to be more helpful and supportive in recovery, so he can get back to his routine more quickly.

    Prepare Healthy Meals at Home

    Following vasectomy reversal, it can be helpful to practice good habits for boosting male fertility, which can include changing eating habits. By preparing healthy, nutritious, balanced meals for yourself and your partner, you can assist in a healthy restoration of fertility that will allow you to start your family.

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  • What to Expect After Your Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

    After your vasectomy reversal procedure, you will need to devote a period of time to your recovery so that you can reduce the risk of post-surgical complications. At the Center for Vasectomy Reversal, we will explain what to expect during your recovery in full, so you can prepare appropriately.

    Immediately after your surgery, you may experience some discomfort for up to 48 hours. Many man say that the level of their discomfort is similar to what they experienced when they had their vasectomies. The day following your procedure, you will need to have your surgical drains removed in the office. For 30 days, you will be required to wear snug scrotal support to prevent injury to the surgical site. You will be able to resume sexual activity about three weeks after your procedure.

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  • How Couples Can Cope with the Stress of Trying to Conceive

    After a vasectomy reversal , the process of trying to conceive can be stressful for couples. Supporting each other through this emotional time will bring you closer together and help you avoid the kind of stress that can itself interfere with your efforts to conceive. Keep this advice in mind as you try to start your new family.

    Admit That You’re Stressed

    When you’re feeling worries about conceiving, your first instinct may be to try to push the feeling away. In reality, although you may succeed in temporarily burying it, stress will come back with a vengeance if you don’t face it head-on. Admitting to yourself and to each other that you have anxiety about the success of your vasectomy reversal and conceiving will let you deal with the way you’re feeling. Resist the urge to pretend you’re not stressed so that you can avoid a big blowup later.

    Limit Your Online Time

    Make a pact that you won’t spend your time surfing the internet for information about female and male infertility, pregnancy symptoms, or techniques for boosting your chances of conceiving. Although having some information is helpful, the internet is a minefield of misinformation that could contribute to your stress. Obsessively scouring the net can also increase your anxiety and make you hyper-aware of your efforts to conceive. Commit to each other that you will seek advice from a medical professional if you have a question.

    Do Something Else

    Don’t make your entire life about starting a family. Stick to your normal activities, and make plenty of time for recreation. If you undergo fertility treatments, such as IVF, and are waiting to find out if it was successful, consider taking a trip or doing something else to take your mind off the process.

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