• What to Expect When You Seek Out-of-Town Medical Care

    Distance from one’s home is often a key consideration when it’s time to choose a primary care physician. But as skillful as primary care doctors are, you’ll need to go to a specialist when undergoing a procedure as complex as a vasectomy reversal. It’s crucial to choose a vasectomy reversal surgeon who is highly skilled and has extensive experience with vasectomy reversals. This may mean traveling out of town for medical care .

    Pre-Operative Consultations

    When distance is not an issue, patients will typically meet vasectomy reversal surgeons at their offices for pre-operative consultations. However, it is possible to take care of these necessities over the phone or via email. You may be asked to mail medical forms. If you must obtain medical clearance before having a vasectomy reversal, you can see your primary care physician for the exam. You can also have your primary care physician handle any pre-operative medical tests or lab work. He or she can send the results to the vasectomy reversal surgeon.

    Travel Arrangements

    Depending on the distance you must travel, you may need to get to your destination the day before your procedure. When making your travel arrangements, bear in mind that you will not be able to drive for 48 hours after the surgery. If you plan to travel by airplane, you should ask the vasectomy reversal surgeon when it will be safe for you to fly after the procedure.


    Book your accommodations well in advance, particularly if you’re traveling to a resort community. You’ll probably want to ensure that you’ll have a comfortable hotel room in which to relax before and after your surgery. You should plan to stay in the area for at least night one after your surgery, since you’ll have a follow-up exam the next day.

    The Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility makes every effort to accommodate our many out-of-town patients. Dr. Joshua Green provides flexible, long-distance pre-operative arrangements and personally sees patients for a follow-up appointment the day after the surgery. If you plan on traveling for your vasectomy reversal in Sarasota, you can become a patient of Dr. Green’s by calling (941) 961-4581.

  • What You Need to Know About Low Sperm Count

    Male infertility is a problem that affects millions of people. Most often, male infertility is caused by problems with sperm, such as poor sperm quality and low sperm count. If you’ve been diagnosed with low sperm count, it means that there are fewer than 15 million sperm for every milliliter of sperm. If you have a low sperm count, it can lower the chances for fertilization of an egg.

    There are many possible causes of low sperm count. For example, some men have blockages of the tubules that are responsible for carrying sperm. The sperm may be blocked in the vas deferens, at the epididymis, or at other areas. Men who decide to have vasectomy reversals may resolve this problem with a vasoepididymostomy, which can be performed at the same time as the vasectomy reversal. This technique connects the vas deferens to the epididymis.

    At the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility, Dr. Joshua Green can perform a vasoepididymostomy at the same time as a vasectomy reversal in Sarasota—at no extra charge. Call (941) 961-4581 for information about becoming a patient at Dr. Green’s clinic

  • Reasons You Might Consider Vasectomy Reversal

    Sterilization is a safe, effective option for men who are sure that they do not wish to father children or who do not wish to add to the children they already have. In fact, having a vasectomy may even promote the health of the female partner, given that many methods of birth control such as hormonal options can lead to serious side effects. However, it’s not uncommon for men to experience life changes that prompt them to re-evaluate their choices. The decision to have a vasectomy reversal is a personal one. However, most men choose vasectomy reversals for similar reasons.

    Change of Heart

    Many people are quite sure that they do not wish to become parents. Yet later, these individuals often change their minds. A vasectomy reversal may be appropriate for you if you or your partner has had a change of heart regarding parenthood.

    Change in Family Circumstances

    Changes in family circumstances are common reasons why men undergo a vasectomy reversal. You may have gone through a divorce, met a new partner, and perhaps remarried. Now, you might be considering a vasectomy reversal because you wish to have more children with your current partner. Or, you may want to become a first-time father now that you’ve found the right person with whom to raise children. Divorce and remarriage aren’t the only reasons why men might undergo vasectomy reversals, however. Sometimes, men think that they’re done having children until tragedy strikes and an illness or accident causes the death of a child. Some couples who have had to bury a child may long to hold a baby again.

    Relief of Post-Vasectomy Pain

    It may surprise you to learn that some men undergo vasectomy reversals for reasons other than to embrace fatherhood. Although uncommon, it is possible for a vasectomy to lead to chronic pain. When this occurs, some men may find relief of their symptoms with a vasectomy reversal.

    If you would like to learn more about vasectomy reversals, contact Dr. Joshua Green in Sarasota. You can reach his staff at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility by calling (941) 961-4581. Dr. Green is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of patient care and safety.

  • Exploring the Success of Vasectomy Reversal

    Did you know that a significant percentage of men who undergo vasectomies later divorce and remarry? It’s not uncommon for men to undergo vasectomy reversal to allow them to start a family with their new partner. Vasectomy reversals have a high success rate, particularly if they are performed not long after the original surgery. However, even if it has been over 10 years since the original surgery, vasectomy reversals have a success rate of about 80 to 90 percent.

    You can hear more about vasectomy reversals by watching this video. It answers some common questions men have, such as whether vasectomy reversals are painful and what men should look for in a surgeon.

    To find out whether vasectomy reversal might be right for you, you can consult Dr. Joshua Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility. Call (941) 961-4581 and schedule your appointment to discuss infertility procedures in Sarasota.