• How Our Center Makes Vasectomy Reversal Affordable

    At the Center for Vasectomy Reversal, we understand that the financial burden of surgery can sometimes be intimidating for patients, but don’t let concerns about paying for the procedure stop you from having the family you want. Since vasectomy reversals are not covered by insurance, the costs fall to the patient, but we work hard to make this procedure affordable for everyone.

    Your surgery requires a $1,000 deposit to reserve a time for your procedure, which leaves a balance of $6,250. One week prior to your surgery, the balance is due. However, we offer payment plans for families who cannot meet the entire cost of a vasectomy reversal in one payment. We also accept credit cards and offer a discount to active military members.

    Contact the Center for Vasectomy Reversal today to discuss the cost of vasectomy reversal procedures and decide on the best way for you to proceed. To make an appointment with Dr. Green in Sarasota, please call (941) 894-6428.