• Taking a Closer Look at the Process of IVF

    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a common medical procedure. IVF can help couples achieve pregnancy when they are struggling with female or male infertility . Although IVF has helped many couples experience the joy of parenthood, it does have its drawbacks. IVF is a complicated, multistep process and it can be prohibitively expensive. Additionally, many couples must go through multiple IVF cycles before achieving pregnancy, if pregnancy occurs at all. The disadvantages of IVF are why many men explore vasectomy reversals instead.

    Fertility Medications

    First, the female partner must take fertility medications to stimulate the development of multiple eggs. These medications must be injected by the woman or her partner. Additionally, the female partner must undergo frequent ultrasound and blood testing to monitor the development of the follicles.

    Egg Retrieval

    Then, women undergo a minor surgical procedure to retrieve the mature eggs . With ultrasound guidance, the physician inserts a hollow needle through the vagina to suction out the eggs.

    Sperm Retrieval

    Men who have undergone vasectomies still produce sperm, although the sperm does not mix with the ejaculate. Typically, the male partner would simply provide a sample of semen at this stage of IVF. However, after a vasectomy, surgical retrieval of sperm is necessary.


    After the sperm sample has been processed, it is mixed with the eggs in a laboratory. Sometimes, sperm is injected directly into the eggs to promote fertilization. Then, the embryos are monitored for three to five days.

    Embryo Transfer

    Once the embryos are ready, the female partner must undergo another procedure to transfer the embryos directly into the uterus. The physician inserts a catheter into the uterus to accomplish this.

    Having a vasectomy reversal in Sarasota is quite often a more cost-effective and successful option than IVF. When you’re ready to grow your family, you can contact Dr. Joshua Green of the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility at (941) 961-4581. Dr. Green is a highly skilled vasectomy reversal surgeon who is proud to have helped countless men become fathers through vasectomy reversals.

  • Meet Dr. Green

    Although modern vasectomy reversal procedures have a much higher success rate than ever before, the success is also dependent on the surgeon handling the procedure. That’s why you are urged to consult with Dr. Joshua Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility. Dr. Green has performed hundreds of vasectomy reversals in Sarasota, finely tuning his skills over years of clinical practice. The former chairman of the Department of Surgery at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Dr. Green is one of the most capable vasectomy reversal surgeons on Florida’s west coast.

    Call the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility at (941) 961-4581 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Green. If you live out of state, Dr. Green can take care of the pre-operative necessities online, via mail, email, or over the telephone.

  • Preparing for a Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

    Every year, millions of men undergo vasectomies as a form of permanent birth control. However, it’s not quite accurate to call a vasectomy permanent since there are procedures that can restore a man’s reproductive capabilities. According to some studies, as many as 10 percent of men who undergo vasectomies later seek vasectomy reversal. If you are one of these men, consult with a vasectomy reversal surgeon in Sarasota to discuss your options and determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you are, here are some things to remember as you prepare for vasectomy reversal surgery.

    Stop Taking Certain Medications

    Two weeks before your scheduled vasectomy reversal, your doctor may have you stop taking certain medications to minimize complications during surgery. For example, pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen can increase your risk of bleeding. During the initial consultation, your surgeon will go over the medications you are taking and advise you on which ones specifically to stop taking prior to surgery.

    Don’t Eat or Drink Before Surgery

    It is crucial that you have a completely empty stomach at the time of the procedure, which is why you are not advised to eat or drink for at least 12 hours before the scheduled time of your procedure. You can eat something and hydrate as soon as the procedure is finished.

    Arrange for Transportation

    Although vasectomy reversal is an outpatient procedure, the anesthesia may take a few hours to wear off after surgery. You may also experience some minor discomfort and aching as the effects of the aesthesia dissipate. For your comfort and safety, we recommend arranging for someone to drive you home or to your hotel after surgery.

    If you are thinking about reversing your vasectomy, Dr. Joshua Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility in Sarasota can help. Dr. Green is one of the leading vasectomy reversal surgeons in the region, and is happy to answer any of your questions regarding the procedure. Call (941) 961-4581 to talk to an expert today.

  • What are Some Common Causes of Male Infertility?

    In the United States, approximately one in five couples seek infertility care. Although infertility evaluations and treatments are traditionally focused on women, male infertility accounts for about half of all infertility cases in this country. The good news is that there are infertility clinics in Sarasota that specifically address male fertility problems. Before you schedule a consultation to discuss sperm retrieval procedures, read this short blog to learn more about some of the more common causes of male infertility.

    • Smoking – Tobacco use significantly decreases both sperm count and sperm cell motility. Smoking can increase a male’s chance of infertility by up to 30 percent, and even smoking as few as five cigarettes per day can significantly lower fertility rates.
    • Environmental Hazards – Men who regularly exposed to environmental hazards such as pesticides, lead, radiation/radioactive substances, and heavy metals typically have a much higher rate of experiencing fertility issues.
    • Intense Exercise – Although regular exercise is important for good overall health, prolonged overly-intense exercise can produce high levels of adrenal steroid hormones which can result in infertility. Check with your doctor to find out if your exercise routine is responsible for your fertility issues.
    • Hormonal Problems – A small percentage of male infertility cases is causes by hormonal disorders such as hyperprolactinemia, hypothyroidism, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and hypogonadotropic hypopituitarism. A fertility doctor can diagnose these disorders and recommend treatment.

    If you have been trying unsuccessfully to have children, schedule a consultation with Dr. Joshua Green at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility . In addition to vasectomy reversal surgeries, Dr. Green performs sperm retrieval and in-vitro fertilization to help couples realize their dream of having a family. Call the Center for Vasectomy Reversal and Male Infertility in Sarasota at (941) 961-4581 to schedule an infertility consultation today.