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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “We highly recommend …

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of having Dr. Green perform his procedure. Dr. Green is an amazing surgeon who genuinely cares and gives his patients the best, most attentive care. He does an amazing job putting your mind at ease and taking care of your every need. We were thrilled with the results of the surgery and to see how quickly he healed. We highly recommend Dr. Green and his amazing expertise.

Eric & Debra Larriviere September 24, 2012

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review

My husband recently went through the Vasectomy Reversal Process with Dr. Green and the results of the surgery were a success. We are from out of town so my husband and I met Dr. Green in person for the first time at the surgery center the morning of the procedure. We had a good feeling about him from our phone conversations and when he came to my husbands bed side and introduced himself we were at ease. Dr. Green spoke with me while my husband was in recovery and showed me digital photographs which helped me understand the procedure and hope for return of activity. I am pleased to say the recovery was relatively quick for my husband and after a test the count of his swimmers is considered normal. Dr. Green did his part to assist in mine and my husbands hope for a baby and he did it with professionalism and care (he even came in on a Saturday to follow up with my husband before we left town). I recommend Dr. Green and his facility for this procedure and I am thankful we chose him for this delicate and important process.

John and Jennifer Palmer November 5, 2012

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “Hey–look at our new …

I guess the best review is: "Hey -- look at our new twins!!!" Dr. Greene and all of his staff were wonderful and professional from start to finish. And yes, we do have new twins so I guess he did a great job 🙂 Peace.

Dan Ribar December 11, 2012

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “We would highly …

My husband and I are so happy that we decided to choose Dr. Green for my husband's reversal. He was great during every step of the process. He was always available to answer questions with knowledge and expertise. The day of surgery went so smoothly. We would highly recommend Dr. Green and his staff for this very delicate procedure.

M & M October 26, 2013

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “Thanks Dr Green!!

We now have a beautiful 7 week old healthy baby boy thanks to Dr Green! Thanks Dr Green!!

Hillary December 10, 2013

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “Thanks Dr. Green

After careful reviews of Dr's that do vasectomy reversal's, my wife and I chose Dr. Green. Dr. Green was very upfront and honest with us and answered every question with professionalism and compassion. The day of surgery came and so did the butterflies however Dr. Green continually reassured both of us that everything would be just fine. He was very gentle to the "boys". After the surgery, he was available to answer whatever question we had had and made the comment that "they were chomping at the bit" when he looked under his microscope at the swimmers. We don't have any results yet, however with my wife being 2 months late, we are hopeful that everything went as planned. Thanks Dr. Green. A & S

April 20, 2014

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “Dr. Green and the …

Was very impressed that Dr. Green called and spoke to me after my email inquiry about a reversal. He was helpful and very informative. My vasectomy was over 12 years ago and my reversal went well. Dr. Green and the staff at surgery center were top notch. 3 months later, Dr Green called to say the results of my spermanalysis was "amazingly good." So all is well and now the wait to welcome a new member to our family. Joe and Michelle C.

Joe and Michelle C. April 24, 2014

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “Thank you from the …

This is our second review of Dr Green's services. Thanks to Dr Green we got pregnant in just only a year after my husbands procedure. We welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world this March. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

John and Jennifer Palmer April 26, 2014

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “very professional …

The staff was very professional and warm. Dr. Green offered great reassurance and kept me well informed of surgery.

N.P. July 14, 2014

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Vasectomy Reversal Florida Review – “Dr. Green and his staff …

Dr. Green and his staff are amazing. They made the whole process- start to finish- easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Green and his team to anyone seeking help with fertility. We are excited at the prospect of making our family dreams come true and are happy that Dr. Green was part of that.

July 16, 2014

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “I would recommend …

The evening my husband and I decided to go forward with the vasectomy reversal I browsed through the internet to research whom people were recommending to use. Two names repeatedly appeared, one of them being Dr. Joshua Green. I went to Dr. Green's website and read through the reviews, what to expect and his professional history. Feeling encouraged I then entered some basic personal information with my contact cell phone number. Within 30 minutes, Dr. Green personally called my cell phone and was happy to answer any and all questions I could think of regarding the procedure. It was a Sunday night after 8 p.m. That is what made our decision for us and his personal attention he afforded us did not stop there. During the several months leading up to the surgery Dr. Green and his staff were in regular contact. They let us know what to expect with every step in the process. The day of the surgery Dr. Green sat and again answered any and all questions that we had and put us at ease. After the surgery Dr. Green met with me and went over the procedure results, piece by piece. Dr. Green was able to successfully reattach both vas deferens and found live sperm present on both sides 11 years after original vasectomy! The nurses and support staff, including Dr. Green's wife Julie, were beyond helpful. The evening after the surgery Dr. Green called to check on my husband. I explained that my husband was in some pain and that I was concerned. At the drop of the hat Dr. Green (at 9 p.m.) made the 30 minute drive to our hotel room to give my husband an exam and piece of mind! He even went as far as to bring two bags of quinoa, from his own freezer, in case we didn't have the ability to run out and get ice. He contacted me the following morning and offered to come back out to the hotel if we didn't feel up to driving to his office. Dr. Green truly and unwaveringly cares for his patients and their loved ones. I can't imagine finding a more skilled/reputable surgeon with such extraordinary bedside manner. Dr. Green, his team and the facilities all exceeded our expectations. I have never experienced such a high level of care, anywhere, for anything. I would recommend Dr. Green to anyone whom is considering having a vasectomy reversal. Chris and Taylor Sapp Jacksonville, FL

Taylor Sapp September 22, 2014

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Center for Vasectomy Reversal Review – “I must say, Dr. …

I must say, Dr. Green and his staff are wonderful. The process from start to finish was easy and simple Dr. Green answered all of our questions and any concerns we may have had. When it was time for the surgery I was so nerves, Dr. Green and his staff informed me that everything was going to be ok and that my husband would be just fine. My husband and I are super happy that we choose Dr Green. We are now 4 months pregnant! Thank you, Dr. Green and Staff! PS- My husband still has the bell hahahaha… The Serrano Family

J & E Serrano October 21, 2014

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There isn't a number high enough to give the rating that is deserved to Dr. Green and his staff. We both are still very impressed and pleased with everything and everyone. We look forward to sharing the big news with everyone!

M.R. Sarasota , FL November 19, 2014

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