Can Coffee Affect Sperm Health?

Portrait of a happy man drinking a cup of coffee at a cafe

In the pursuit of parenthood, you’re doing all you can to facilitate the plan. Are there roadblocks in your way that you may not even know about? What foods can you eat to ensure a healthy sperm count? What foods should you cut out? What about coffee? Is it dangerous to sperm? Here’s everything you need to know about coffee and how it affects sperm health.

The Fertility Journey
As we embark on the path to better fertility in the pursuit of parenthood, it is evident that both the carrier of the child and the provider of the sperm will need to make a few lifestyle changes. Some of these changes can include:

  • Getting More Rest
  • Cessation from Smoking
  • Limiting or Quitting Alcohol Consumption
  • Getting More Exercise

We also know that someone carrying a child should limit coffee intake. Excessive coffee intake has been linked to several complications during fertility and pregnancy, including premature birth, pregnancy loss, and fetal growth issues.

Coffee’s Effect on Sperm Health
There is substantial evidence that the quality of semen has declined worldwide. Is coffee to blame? Multiple studies have been conducted to study the effects of coffee on sperm, and here are the most recent findings.

  • Coffee Doesn’t Affect Sperm Count
    Currently, no studies show that coffee’s caffeine intake affects sperm count. Cola drinkers did have a lower sperm count, but they also had other poor nutritional habits that may have contributed to these effects.
  • Coffee Doesn’t Affect Sperm Concentration
    A recent study showed that men who consume four or more cups of coffee daily have a higher sperm concentration than men who drink 0 cups of coffee per day. However, men who consume 1-3 cups of coffee daily have the highest sperm concentration of these three groups.
  • Coffee Does Seem to Alter DNA of Sperm
    Some studies have shown that coffee intake is related to damaged or altered DNA, specifically double-strand DNA breakage.
  • Coffee Intake Does Seem to Increase the Time it Takes to Conceive
    There is also corelative evidence that links coffee intake with lengthening the time it takes to conceive.

Caffeine intake from coffee does not seem to have a significant effect on sperm count or concentration, but there does seem to be some DNA damage that is related to coffee intake. Additionally, caffeine intake from cola did have a slightly negative effect on sperm count and quality. A recent study concluded that those who consumed a moderate amount of coffee had a higher likelihood of conceiving than those who drank a low amount. The same study concluded that high levels of coffee consumption had adverse effects. Consuming caffeine from any source in moderation is likely the best choice while trying to conceive.

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