The Partner’s Guide to Vasectomy Reversal

Choosing vasectomy reversal in Sarasota is a decision that should only be undertaken after careful consideration by both partners. A man and a woman may struggle with different emotions when contemplating the vasectomy reversal procedure. Often, women simply have different questions to ask vasectomy reversal surgeons about their partner’s procedure. Read on to learn more about what a female partner might want to know when it comes to vasectomy reversals, including her partner’s expected discomfort, the normal waiting period, the targeted age range, and just how effective the procedure is.

Expected Discomfort

When it comes to vasectomy reversal, many women are understandably concerned about their partner’s anticipated level of discomfort. A vasectomy reversal surgeon generally advises all patients to expect some discomfort and swelling for three to five days after surgery. Some men also experience a dull ache in the scrotal area for the next several days or weeks.

Waiting Period

After vasectomy reversals, partners should expect to wait about three to four weeks before resuming normal sexual activity. Make sure to consult with your vasectomy reversal surgeons before resuming intercourse. It will take an additional month before your partner is able to ejaculate.

Targeted Age

While all women ultimately lose the ability to conceive, men can remain fertile past the age of 70. Vasectomy reversals can be performed for almost all healthy men of any age. However, it is important to remember that older men are less able to care for young children, so many men visit Dr. Joshua Green for a vasectomy reversal around middle age.

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