Tips for Being in the Delivery Room for New Fathers

So, you and your partner are expecting a baby. Congratulations! Are you planning to be in the delivery room with her? It’s a great way to be part of the experience, supporting your partner and getting the chance to meet your new baby immediately. However, there are a few things you should know before the big day arrives.

  • You need to be comfortable in the hospital. This means scheduling a tour ahead of time, so that you understand check-in procedures, hospital policies, accommodations for supporting players- (that’s you!), the hospital layout, your cell reception on the property, and so on. If the surroundings are somewhat familiar, you’ll be able to be more confident when labor begins, and more able to focus on supporting your partner.
  • Don’t get too comfortable while she’s in labor. Seriously, this is the time to make your partner’s needs the absolute center of your attention. Understand that you’re going to be there a long time, it’s going to get boring, and you may get sore, hungry, and sleepy while you’re waiting for the baby to arrive. Feel free to bring a snack, but don’t complain about anything at all, because we promise what your partner is dealing with is much worse than whatever you’ve got going on. Turn off your ringer, focus on what your partner needs, and whatever you do, don’t go to sleep. If you’ve ever pulled an all-nighter, this is the right time to do it again. If she’s awake, you’re awake, no matter how long it takes.
  • Be there to help, but stay out of the way. The delivery room is a busy place, and when you’re anxious, you may be clumsy and fumbling. Don’t get in the way of the professionals doing their job, and try not to freak out or faint. How do you prevent this? Preparation is key. Actually watch the birthing videos, pay attention during childbirth classes, and read everything you can get your hands on about birth.
  • It’s exciting to become a new dad, but this is not the time for dad jokes. The hospital staff may not appreciate your sense of humor and, to be honest, your partner may not at that moment, either. Try not to say anything at all that isn’t helpful.
  • Expect the process to be unpredictable and, frankly, gross. Labor can be going smoothly and then turn on a dime into an emergency situation. Stay calm and follow directions, because the medical staff is experienced and knows what they’re doing. And even in a perfectly normal birth, things can get ugly. There’s going to be blood, other bodily fluids may come into play, and the baby may look less than cute. Breathe through it, and know that it’s all going to be great once it’s over.
  • Discuss expectations ahead of time with your partner. If she wants you to stay at the head of the bed, that’s where you need to be. If she wants photos, make sure you understand which photos she wants. The most important thing you can do for your partner is to listen and be attentive, before, during, and after the birth.

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