Can a Vasectomy Really Be Reversed?

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Vasectomy procedures are designed to prevent pregnancy by cutting and separating the vas deferens, or the tubes that carry sperm from the scrotum into the testicles. When performed by a qualified surgeon, vasectomy procedures are extremely effective at preventing pregnancy—but that does not mean that they cannot be reversed if you ever decide that you do want to become a father. Continue reading to learn more about the vasectomy reversal procedure .

Understanding the Procedure

In order to understand if a vasectomy can truly be reversed, it is important to first understand how the procedure is performed. The two most commonly vasectomy reversal methods are the vaso-vasostomy and the vaso-epididymostomy procedures. The vaso-vasostomy procedure can effectively reverse a vasectomy if there is clear, free-flowing fluid coming from the testicular side of the vas, while vaso-epididymostomy procedures are effective in cases where the fluid expressed is thick and pasty.

Factors That Influence Success Rates

Studies show that the success rates for vasectomy reversal procedures are high. In patients who underwent a vasectomy reversal within five years of their original procedure, the success rate is approximately greater than 95 percent. In men who undergo a reversal within five to 10 years after their vasectomy, the success rates range between 80 and 90 percent. However, there are a number of factors that can interfere with the success rates of a vasectomy reversal procedure. This includes the number of and motility of the sperm that are still present within the scrotum, the development of anti-sperm antibodies, and scar tissue growth within the vas deferens after the original vasectomy.

If you are ready to start a family, the Center For Vasectomy Reversal is here to help. You can contact our vasectomy reversal doctors through our website or call (941) 225-2317 for more information on vaso-vasostomy procedures, vaso-epididymostomy procedures, and Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration or MESA surgery. 

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