Learn More About Your Vasectomy Reversal Options By Reading Through These Helpful Articles

Fertile Family

If you have undergone a vasectomy, you should be aware that you can still start a family of your own. Check out these links from around the Web for more information on the different types of vasectomy reversal procedures performed and their success rates. 

  • An important part of understanding how vasectomy reversal procedures are successful is to know how vasectomy surgeries are performed in the first place. Explore this New York Times article for a guide to vasectomies.
  • How do vaso-vasostomy procedures and vaso-epididymostomy differ? Read over this eMedicine.Medscape.com article to learn more.
  • Vasectomy reversals may be performed in a few ways. Take a closer look at this WebMD.com article for more information about the vaso-vasostomy procedure.  
  • Did you know that between 85 and 95 percent of men who undergo vasectomy reversals do have healthy sperm and can therefore still achieve pregnancy? Get the facts regarding the success rates for vasectomy reversals with this DoctorOz.com article.
  • What factors may interfere with the success of a vasectomy reversal procedure? Find out by reading over this article from HowStuffWorks.com

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