What Could Cause a Vasectomy Reversal to Fail?

Although vasectomy reversal procedures are often successful, they do not always help couples achieve the pregnancy that they want. Before your procedure, your vasectomy reversal surgeon will discuss all of the factors that could impact the success of your surgery, including things like age and the amount of time since your vasectomy. Here is a look at some of the issues that are most frequently to blame for vasectomy reversal failure.

Sperm Antibodies

Sperm antibodies are a significant concern after a vasectomy reversal. In some cases, men develop antibodies to their sperm that continue to affect them after a vasectomy reversal. These antibodies can affect the sperm in a number of ways, including by impairing the health of the sperm or making it impossible for the sperm to successfully fertilize an egg. Although any man can develop antibodies after a vasectomy reversal, the longer it has been since the vasectomy, the more likely it is that sperm antibodies will be an issue.

Scar Tissue

In some cases, scar tissue can build up in the scrotum after the vasectomy itself or after the vasectomy reversal procedure. This tissue can create a blockage that could reduce or prevent the presence of sperm of the ejaculate. Scar tissue is sometimes treated with anti-inflammatory medications or further surgical procedures, but it cannot always be adequately removed.

Sperm Quality

After a vasectomy, while sperm may be present, the quality of it may be diminished. Sperm motility issues are often present after a vasectomy, and they cannot be fixed with a reversal. For older patients, sperm count issues could also be present alongside problems with motility, thereby diminishing fertility further.

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