Why it’s Important to Teach Your Children about Responsibility Early

As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of childrearing. There’s an old saying, “The days are long but the years are short”, but when you’re in the midst of those long days of childhood, it’s hard to remember that eventually, children become adults. It will happen more quickly than you think, so it’s important to remember that teaching your kids about responsibility is a major part of your job. Ultimately, we’re all raising adults, who need to be able to manage their own lives.

There are plenty of different ways to teach kids responsibility. Beginning when kids are very young, offer them choices throughout the day, to help teach them to make decisions. Make a chore chart, even when they’re little, to show them that they are contributing members of the family. Give consequences for failure to follow through on things you ask them to do, and rewards when they live up to their responsibilities. When they’re little, include them in your everyday chores like cooking and laundry, and as they get older, teach them how to do these things themselves.

Why is all of this so important? Because raising kids to be responsible will help them to more successfully navigate adulthood.

  • Responsible kids tend to lead healthier lifestyles. When your kids are doing important things, they won’t have time for less meaningful pursuits. Instead of flopping in front of the TV or playing video games, they’ll be exercising, playing an instrument, cooking, doing chores, or gardening. All of these things are good for their bodies and brains, and help them learn the value of healthy habits.
  • When your children know how to be responsible, they’ll be better prepared to hold a job. Teaching kids to follow through and make deadlines, and talk to them about getting a job when they’re old enough. Teach them how to manage money, and help them set goals for their future.
  • Kids who learn responsibility early are more confident and resilient. They’ll have a thicker skin when criticized, believe in themselves and their abilities, and learn how to be problem solvers. Learning how to take responsibility for themselves and fix their own problems enables them to resolve difficult situations in the future.
  • When they learn responsibility, they learn independent thinking. You don’t want your kids to follow the crowd, and teaching them to think on their own will help them make decisions for themselves instead of just going along with what others say.

Teaching kids responsibility is an important part of building a successful family, and at the Center for Vasectomy Reversal, we love helping people build their families. Under the direction of Dr. Joshua Green, our team provides state-of-the-art treatment for men who need a reversal of their vasectomy or have other fertility concerns. To learn more, contact us through our website, or call 941-894-6428 for a free consultation.


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