How to Help your Body Heal Faster After Having a Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

A vasectomy reversal is a safe, outpatient procedure with a high success rate. However, as with any surgical procedure, patients who undergo vasectomy reversal need to take care afterward, to help their bodies heal. Full healing can take several weeks, and it’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions for aftercare. Here are some tips on how to help your recovery go smoothly.

  • First, commit to at least a week of rest. Try to take off work, and just spend the week relaxing. If you can’t fully stop working, it’s ok to take calls and emails while resting on a sofa. Your everyday activities should be limited. You can get yourself a drink, for instance, or make a snack like toast, but avoid cooking full meals. You can drive, but don’t lift anything. You absolutely cannot go to the gym.
  • Be aware that it may take more than a week. Especially if you have a physically demanding job, you’ll need to take two weeks off work. In fact, with any job other than a desk job, it’s better to take the full two weeks. After four or five weeks you should be essentially back to normal, though you should still try to avoid heavy lifting.
  • You won’t be able to exercise for a month. Your body needs rest to recover, so you should not do any exercise beyond walking for the first month after your operation. Even though it’s a fairly gentle exercise, swimming is not advised. This is because chlorine can damage open or newly healed wounds.
  • Postpone sex for no fewer than two weeks, and preferably longer. Some patients can resume intercourse after two to three weeks, but for most, it’s better to wait a little longer. After four or five weeks, most patients can comfortably have sex again. It’s crucial not to rush things, because you can undo your surgery, and then you’ll have to go through the whole process again.
  • The right diet can promote healing. Eating nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, eggs, healthy fats, and protein-rich foods can help your body recover more quickly.
  • It can take several months for pregnancy to be possible after vasectomy reversal. After six weeks, the doctor will perform a semen analysis to see if sperm has successfully returned to the ejaculate. By about three months, men typically have viable sperm. However, it may not be possible to achieve pregnancy for several months, so it’s important to be patient.

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