A Look at Male Fertility Tests

Whether you have recently remarried or you and your partner have changed your minds about starting a family, it is important to remember that it may take time to conceive following a vasectomy reversal. You should discuss ways to boost your fertility with your physician. You can also undergo several male fertility tests to screen for any fertility issues:

Patient and Doctor

Physical Examination
During a physical examination, a doctor will ask detailed questions about your medical and reproductive history. The doctor will also ask questions about any medications being taken and surgeries that have been performed. In addition, he will ask questions about lifestyle, including exercise, smoking, and drug use. This information can help a doctor narrow down the potential causes of male infertility and determine what further tests should be performed.    

Sperm and Semen Analysis
Experts can also determine a male’s fertility by analyzing the shape, movement, and count of a semen sample. Men who have a higher number of normal-shaped sperm typically have better fertility results. However, some men who have low sperm counts or abnormally shaped semen are also fertile. If an initial semen test shows irregularities in sperm shape or count, the doctor may order further tests to pinpoint potential fertility problems.

Genetic Testing
Some men naturally produce antibodies that attack their own sperm, thereby preventing fertilization. Other men have low or abnormal sperm counts, which can make it difficult for sperm to make its way to an egg.  According to WebMD.com , up to 25% of men with fertility issues have abnormal or low sperm counts with no identifiable reasons. Genetic testing can help identify the causes of these fertility obstacles.

Dr. Joshua Green, attending physician and founder of  Center For Vasectomy Reversal , has extensive experience treating male infertility. At our fully staffed surgical center, we use state-of-the-art technology in vasectomy reversal procedures. To schedule a vasectomy reversal consultation, give us a call at (941) 343-4020.

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