Should You Repeat Vasectomy Reversal After an Unsuccessful Procedure?

It’s possible to have a successful vasectomy reversal after previously having an unsuccessful reversal. However, you have a unique health history. Only a knowledgeable, experienced vasectomy reversal surgeon can determine if there is a possibility that a second procedure will be successful. Your new surgeon will take a detailed health history and ask you questions about the first reversal.

For instance, you’ll be asked if your semen tested positive for sperm in your ejaculate after your first vasectomy reversal surgery. The doctor will also need to know if you had any major health problems after the first procedure, such as any infections or physical trauma to the scrotal region. Another factor to consider is the training and level of experience of the first surgeon. Vasectomy reversal is a specialized field, and it takes an expert to perform this delicate surgery correctly. If the initial surgeon wasn’t a specialist, it’s worth your time to get in touch with a surgeon who is.

At the Center for Vasectomy Reversal, male infertility procedures are all we do. Contact Dr. Joshua Green at (941) 894-6428, and ask about his specialized experience performing vasectomy reversals in Sarasota.

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