Father’s Day Guide for the New Father

Is your husband a new father? What an exciting time in a man’s life! Being a firsttime parent is a wonderful experience, and the first Father’s Day is major milestone. If you’re looking for a way to truly celebrate the new dad, we have some suggestions.  

  • Plan a fun date night. What does he really like to do? Whether he’s a movie buff, a golfer, or someone who likes sports, you can easily find a way to create a date that incorporates some of his favorite activities and foods. It might be fun to recreate your first date or to do something you’ve never done before, like an escape room or laser tag.  
  • Dress him like his mini-me. Whether he’s a sports nut or a music buff, it can be fun to choose matching outfits reflecting his interests for Dad and the baby.  
  • Get him a book he can read to his child. Children benefit when parents read to them, and reading to a baby can be a fun task for a new father. Choose a book that you loved as a child, or a book about dads and kids, to give even more meaning to this special time together.  
  • Create a memorable keepsake. If you have a little one already, it’s easy to find creative ways to make a father’s day gift from the child. Little kids’ handprints and footprints can be used artistically to make a gift he’ll treasureand children a little bit older can answer questions to create a funny interview all about dad. Baby isn’t born yet? There are prints that can translate your baby’s heartbeat and the sound of your voice into sound waves, which can be made into interesting artwork, especially appealing if the new dad is into science.  
  • Celebrate the person he is outside of fatherhood. Spoil him a little bit, with an Apple watch, a GoPro, or some other gift he’s been wanting but hasn’t allowed himself to get. A new camera might be a good idea, especially now that he’s got a little one to photograph.  
  • Choose a gift that will make him laugh. A funny onesie for the baby or t-shirt for the dad can be a good gift for a dad with a sense of humor. You might also look for a humorous book, perhaps a book about fatherhood or a collection of dad jokes, to give him a chuckle.  
  • Plan a treat that makes him feel like royalty. Let him sleep in and then bring him breakfast in bed. Cook his favorite meal. Do something just for him, to show him that you think he’s special. 
  • Use photos to make a meaningful gift. Frame a photo, create a custom photo book, or make a slideshow or movie that shows the highlights of your pregnancy or adoption journey. If your child has already arrived, you could do the same thing with milestones your baby has already hit.  

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