How Infertility Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship in More Ways Than One

Even the best marriage can run into trouble when facing the challenges of infertility. Feelings of resentment and disappointment can creep in, and communication can become a struggleInfertility doesn’t necessarily mean you can never have children, but it does mean that you and your partner will have to try harder than some other people, which can be a challenge. The best way to face it, as with any obstacle in your married life, is together. Be aware of common issues, and be proactive in keeping your marriage strong.  

  • Don’t let fertility become an obsession. The tedium of charting, doctor’s appointments, giving samples, having injections, and more can make it feel like infertility is your whole lifeand waiting for the results can be excruciating. Don’t let it all overwhelm you, but find ways to connect with your partner that doesn’t involve family planning. Have a weekly date night, making a rule that you can’t talk about babies.  
  • Recognize that life is all about making a new plan. You have to live the life you have, even if it’s not the one you expected. Learning all about infertility, seeking new ways to communicate with your partner, and making a plan to move forward can help alleviate some of your stress.  
  • Keep your sex life fun. When your sex life is all about fertility apps, calendars, and basal thermometers, it becomes less than sexy. Prioritize date night, making a point to connect in ways that have nothing to do with conception.  
  • Try not to take your frustrations out on each otherWhen you’re living with the pain of not being able to conceive, it’s easy to become angry, depressed, or resentful. It’s important to learn how to communicate honestly and calmly, learning to compromise without resorting to anger. Remember that you are in it together, avoid placing blame, and take comfort in the love and compassion you have for each other.  
  • Don’t allow infertility to isolate you. Infertility can be emotionally isolating, so reach out to others sharing your experience by finding a good support group, either online or locally.  
  • Be realistic and cooperative when it comes to moneyFertility treatments are expensive, so it’s important to keep emotions out of your budget and come up with a realistic plan together.  

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