How to Stay Optimistic About Parenting in This Day and Age

Some days, just paying attention to the news can make a person reluctant to have kids. The world can seem like a terrible place, full of danger, but in fact, this is a great time to raise kids! Technology is always improving, kids have tons of opportunities, and dads are more active in their parenting roles than ever before. Do you need more reasons to be optimistic about parenting in the modern age? We’ve got some, so read on.  

  • Kids are becoming ever more aware of the world around themFrom an early age, today’s kids are aware of nature and their impact on the Earth. They also have more awareness of others and a greater sensitivity to those who are different and may be dealing with challenges. As technology advances, children will learn more than prior generations could imagine, and though the internet certainly has its drawbacks, it certainly puts all kinds of knowledge within easy reach.  
  • Empathy is on the rise. There’s empathetic discourse in elementary school now, and kids are growing up in an environment of acceptance. Non-traditional families are more accepted, society approaches disability issues with more concern, and there’s a higher awareness of mental health issues than in the past.  
  • Gender parity is growing closer. The world in which kids are growing up features much more concern about female empowerment and diverse representation, and much more understanding about the problems of outdated concepts of masculinity. The bumbling dad stereotype is on the way out, and girls and boys alike are being raised to be smart, strong, and emotionally aware.  
  • People are more connected than ever. Technology is connecting us globally, breaking down language barriers and the modern focus on emotionally honest parenting is creating stronger connections within familiesWhat’s more, it’s easy to find support, even when you live far from family, because there are tons of groups of like-minded parents.  
  • Having kids is so much fun! It’s easy to share your favorite movies with your kids, and you can bond over today’s many, many superheroes. The toys are really cool, and there’s such a wealth of kids’ music and movies that you’re sure to find some you actually enjoy.  

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