Is It Ever Too Late to Have a Vasectomy Reversal?

If you underwent a vasectomy in the past, you probably intended for it to be permanent. If you’re in a different situation now and have changed your mind about having children, you may be concerned that it’s not possible. Is a vasectomy reversal really effective? And even if it is, will it work for you if your vasectomy was done several years ago? 

In most cases, vasectomies are reversible. A skilled surgeon can perform the necessary micro-surgery and reconnect the vas deferens, restoring sperm to the ejaculate. A vasectomy performed more than fifteen years ago may be more challenging, because there may be further blockage in addition to the vasectomy. If this is the case, the surgeon will need to perform a more involved procedure, known as vasoepididymostomy, to restore sperm flow and fertility. This surgery involves connecting the vas deferens to the epididymis, rather than just reconnecting the vas deferens itself.  Modern technology has led to great advances in these kinds of surgery, though, and even for complicated vasectomies, the success rate is high.  

In fact, recent research indicates that older vasectomies can be reversed almost as easily as younger ones. In a study of 1229 men having vasectomy reversals, grouped into more recent (1-15 years) and less recent (16-38 years) vasectomies, the rates of successful reversal were statistically very close. The success rates, measured by the rate of achieving moving ejaculated sperm counts after the surgery, were 88% in younger vasectomies and 65% in older. Further, the sperm counts obtained in these two groups of men following their reversal surgeries were the same, averaging about 55 million sperm.  

What does this all mean? First, after undergoing a vasectomy, men continue to make just as much sperm as they did before, and that continues no matter how long they have the vasectomy. Additionally, this research indicates that older vasectomies are more reversible than ever thought possible previously, which means it’s never too late to have a vasectomy reversal and make fatherhood a reality.  

If you’re considering a vasectomy reversal, the Center for Vasectomy Reversal is here to help. Under the direction of Dr. Joshua Green, our caring and skilled team provides state-of-the-art treatment for men who need a reversal of their vasectomy or have other concerns about their fertility. We accept major credit cards as well as cash and checks, and we also offer a payment plan option for those who are unable to pay the entire fee at the time of surgery. Whether you’re ready to schedule a procedure or just have questions and want to learn more, you can contact us through our website, or call 941-894-6428 to arrange a free consultation.  

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