Things You Should Do Before Your Partner Goes into Labor

Waiting for the arrival of a new baby is very exciting! It may seem like it’s a long way away but trust us, if your partner is pregnant, that baby is right around the corner. Are you ready? Here are some things you and your partner need to do before labor begins.

  • Get the baby gear ready. You may already be preparing the nursery, but now is also the time to unbox and assemble all the things you got at the baby shower! Install your car seat, assemble your changing table, swing, bouncer, and other equipment you’ll use in the first few months. In fact, if you have room for it all, you can go ahead and put together things your baby won’t use for quite a while. Trust us, you won’t feel like assembling that exersaucer while holding a baby.
  • Load up on essentials. Stockpile things like cleaning products, paper products, and toiletries, so that you don’t have to think about shopping while you’re sleep-deprived and caring for a newborn. While you’re at it, stock your medicine chest with over the counter medicines and first-aid supplies, as well as any prescriptions you might forget to refill once you’re preoccupied with a baby.
  • Fill your freezer. You may have meals lined up through your friends and family members, but it never hurts to stick some casseroles in the freezer. It’s good to have healthy meals available so you won’t be tempted to order out.
  • Make arrangements for your furry babies. If you’ve got pets, anticipate that they’re going to need some care when the baby comes. Arrange not only for someone to take care of them while you’re in the hospital, but also for someone to come play with them and give them attention after you’re home. Expect them to be a little jealous when you’re giving all of your attention to this new little stranger.
  • Plan some nights out. Have a last hoorah with your friends or plan a babymoon for the two of you. The mom-to-be might also want to take a day all to herself to be self-indulgent and pampered. It will be a while before you get another chance to hit the town, so you might as well do it before the baby arrives.
  • Schedule some preventive care. Go to the optometrist, the dentist, and any other doctor you might need to see for routine care before your calendar fills up with baby care.
  • Make plans for the birth announcement. Are you planning to hire a photographer to take newborn photos? Get an appointment in the books! If you’re planning to mail out birth announcements, design them ahead of time, so that when the baby comes you can just fill in the details and get them done.
  • Get ready for the hospital trip. This means taking a hospital tour, packing a bag, and driving the route you’ll take when the baby comes so that it will be familiar when it’s go time. As the due date approaches, make sure to keep your gas tank full.

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