Push Present Ideas

Happy man giving partner a push present.

Have you heard the term “push present”? If you are soon to be a father, it’s a term worth learning. A push present is a gift the new father gives the new mother to thank her for all she’s done and congratulate her on their new little family member. While there is no greater gift than your precious newborn baby, a push present is a sentimental gift meant to show your partner your love, support, and appreciation. While the baby is a gift to the father, too, dads don’t generally receive push presents because they don’t carry and deliver the babies. If the mom wants to honor the dad with a gift, it’s a sweet idea, but for now, we will focus on dad gifting to mom. Need some ideas for the perfect push present? We’ve got you covered.

If you don’t care for the term push present, it should be noted that this kind of gift can also be called a “baby bauble.” Don’t think, though, that that means it necessarily needs to be jewelry. The gift you give to the new mother can be whatever you know will be meaningful to her, and it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.  Jewelry is traditional, but a keepsake, a splurge on something useful, a cool high-tech gift, or a subscription to a service that will benefit her.

If you’re considering jewelry, think about the mom’s personality. Is she the sentimental type, who would want a piece of jewelry with her child’s birthstone, birthdate, or name on it? Consider stackable birthstone rings, that can be worn by themselves or with more rings when more children are born. Another option would be a necklace, bracelet, or ring with the child’s name inscribed, a necklace symbolic of motherhood, or a baby-focused charm for an existing bracelet. If she isn’t the type to wear “mommy” jewelry and would prefer something classic and timeless, consider diamond earrings or a beautiful bracelet.

For moms who are not into jewelry, consider something that’s practical but still a bit of a luxury. It could be sateen sheets, a silk pillowcase, comfy pajamas or a soft robe, a high-quality espresso maker, or a designer handbag. Would she enjoy a special keepsake? A baby book, newborn photo shoot, or even a piece of art made from a tracing of your baby’s heartbeat in utero are all unique gifts. A tech-loving new mom might like a smart watch, an e-reader, or a hands-free smart device to control other devices in the house.  Or you might consider a subscription. Audible gives mom something to listen to while she’s feeding, rocking, or walking the floor, Bouqs or Bloomsy will flowers every month to remind her she’s loved and appreciated, Stitch Fix will help her build a post-baby wardrobe, and there are digital scrapbooks like Qeepsake to help new parents store memories they’ll treasure later. Of course, a spa gift certificate can also be a welcome gift.

How will you present your gift? This can be a big part of the fun. One sweet idea is to wrap the gift and set it in the top of the overnight bag she’s packed for the hospital. Then you can encourage her to double check the bag to make sure she has everything, and enjoy her surprise when she finds the gift you’ve thoughtfully chosen. This moment can become something special between you as you grow your family.

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