How to Know if Being a Dad is Right for You

Are you ready to be a father? Fatherhood is an immense responsibility, so its no surprise that men sometimes have a hard time determining whether they’re up to the challenge. Further, while being a dad has its rewards, there’s no shame in recognizing that it’s not for you. If the idea of becoming a father makes you uneasy, it’s time to ask yourself whether it’s just a case of nerves or you’re really not cut out for it. How can you tell? Reflect on these questions.

  • How do you feel about kids in general? If playing with children seems boring, and kids seem too messy and noisy, you might not want to bring any into your life. Even the nicest, best behaved kids are disruptive to a quiet, tidy life. They make messes, get sick, throw tantrums, and generally leave chaos in their wake.
  • When you imagine your future, are there children in the picture? If your dreams are more adventurous than domestic, or you want to pursue expensive, time-consuming hobbies, kids might not be the best option. Once you have kids, children, you’ll have to make sacrifices and put their needs ahead of your own; not everyone is willing to do that.
  • Thinking about the guidance kids need, do you think you’d be up to it? If you think you’d make a poor role model, and you like playing with kids but not teaching them, parenting probably isn’t for you. Raising a child to be a responsible, independent adult is a lengthy, difficult process.
  • Does your career leave time for a family? It’s important to be financially stable before you bring a child into the world, because kids are expensive. That being said, being a dad requires putting in a good deal of face time and getting to know this new person. A job that requires tons of travel or excessively long hours isn’t the best fit for a father.

Remember, having kids is optional, but it’s also not a decision you have to make once and for all. Some signs you might be warming up to the idea include:

  • The idea of guiding children begins to appeal to you, and you feel like you could tackle this task with even a challenging child.
  • You’re financially secure enough to afford kids, have a schedule that will let you spend time with them, and have a support system in place to help.
  • Spending time with kids appeals to you.
  • You are comfortable with mess, clutter, and general chaos.

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