Signs you might be ready to have baby #2

Planning a family can be tricky. Once you have one child, you may feel a pull to have another. On the other hand, children can be overwhelming. Are you really ready to have another one? How can you tell whether it’s time to try for number two, or whether it would be a better idea to wait? Here are some signs that you might be ready to have baby number two.

  • The first sign that you are ready to have another child is simply a feeling. You feel ready! The idea of having another baby gets you and your partner excited, and makes you feel warm and happy. If you don’t have these feelings when you consider another child, you might want to wait a while to start trying for another.
  • If your relationship is strong or healthy, you might want to add another child to the family. It’s important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, and that you are secure in your relationship. If you are having trouble with each other, bringing another baby into the family may not be a good idea. Relationships may shift after each baby, and that’s ok! It’s just important to keep good communication and treat each other with love and respect.
  • Your child may be requesting a sibling. This is a valid reason to have another baby, assuming that you and your partner are both on board and the timing is good. You may also be concerned about the age gap between your children, and not want them to be too far apart. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least two years between children, but of course, the spacing of your family is up to you.
  • There may be a sense that your family is not complete. Some people have very firm ideas about this, and as long as everyone in the family is in agreement, go for it!
  • You may want another baby if your first child is easy. Don’t assume, however, that the second child will follow suit. They all have their own personalities, and your second may be the polar opposite of your first. If you’re ready for whatever personality is headed your way, you’re ready for another baby.
  • Baby fever may spur you to have another. If you turn to mush in the presence of a baby, it’s pretty clear that you would be happy with another one of your own. This can be a strong emotional pull, and it may mean that you’re ready for a new baby, but it’s smart to temper that enthusiasm by assessing your situation to make sure it’s really a good idea.
  • You are in the right situation to have another baby. Your emotional readiness is one thing, but your actual readiness is something else entirely. Even if you, your partner, and your first child are longing for a baby to hold, if your finances are in shambles and your housing situation is insecure, it’s not the right time. Assess your finances, along with practical concerns like the size of your home and your vehicle, to make sure you are ready to add another baby to the mix.
  • You understand how a new baby will change the family dynamic. Remember, you’re talking about adding a whole new person to your life. Your focus on your first child will have to be divided between two kids, and you and your partner will have less time alone. However, a new little life brings a new measure of love into your lives, and if you’re ready to embrace change, it will be well worth it.

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